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File: d6ffbad1a65df17⋯.png (254.49 KB, 720x460, 36:23, Enough mad pepe.png)

File: c00df1f206ed769⋯.png (16.26 KB, 291x300, 97:100, 1414577272222.png)

File: b87f7118c8cce96⋯.gif (104.27 KB, 300x136, 75:34, 1413229829380.gif)

217510 No.8757169

Berlin to right-wing extremists: If you attack migrants, we’ll keep them here

The attack on a Christmas market in Berlin last month, carried out by a Tunisian migrant who was denied asylum in Germany, has sparked demands that the German government move to deport its tens of thousands of failed asylum seekers more quickly. But some local governments are actually moving to keep some of those rejected migrants in the country.

>Right-wing violence against refugees and asylum seekers has risen sharply in Germany during the European migrant crisis, and the eastern German state of Brandenburg has now become the first region to say that rejected asylum seekers who have become victims or witnesses of such attacks will be allowed to stay in the country. The capital city of Berlin already provides authorities with leeway to decide against deportations in such cases, and the city might soon follow with a parliamentary decree. While both states will offer attack victims protection from deportation, neither will offer them permanent residency.

Political leaders hope those moves could send a strong signal to right-wing extremists and anti-immigration parties that have stepped up their rhetoric. Interior Ministry officials said on Monday that hundreds of neo-Nazis are feared to have gone underground, possibly preparing attacks against refugees. “[This initiative is directed toward those] who think that in order to drive refugees out of the country one has to attack them. I say 'no' to this,” Berlin's interior minister, Andreas Geisel, said to the city's Tagesspiegel newspaper. The debate comes amid a rush elsewhere in Germany to pass laws to ease the deportation of declined asylum seekers, reflecting a debate that will likely extend into the general elections later this year. Berlin and Brandenburg are both governed by the Social Democratic Party, while Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Party is pushing for a tougher stance on the issue in reaction to the December Christmas market attack.

Anis Amri, the 24-year old who drove a lorry into the crowded holiday market, was refused asylum in Germany but could not be deported because he had no passport, according to German media reports. German law would have allowed authorities to imprison Amri, but no such steps were taken. “We will examine with vigor to what extent we need to adapt state measures,” Merkel announced four days after the attack. She appeared to acknowledge flaws in current legislation and signal that she would push for tougher measures. German authorities have so far struggled to deport the huge number of failed asylum seekers in the country. Almost 900,000 people entered in 2015 alone, and many remain in Germany despite having been refused asylum. Only about 75,000 failed asylum seekers left the country in 2016, and the majority of them departed the country voluntarily rather than being deported.

Elsewhere in Europe, similar cases of victims of xenophobia have caused public outrage but failed to cause policy changes. Mubarak Haji Ahmed, one of the survivors of the 2011 mass shooting in Norway committed by right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, faced deportation to Djibouti in 2015 despite losing his brother in the attack and suffering hearing loss and mental health issues as a consequence. “Everything is unjust about this case — it is a horror story of immigration administration gone amok,” Rune Berglund Steen, the director of the Norwegian Center Against Racism, said in 2015. Authorities went ahead with the deportation of his family anyway. It's a scenario officials in parts of Germany would now be able to avoid.

Jesus fucking Christ. How many fucking politicians do we have to slaughter before they stop committing genocide on us?

217510 No.8757173

File: e5e8d1074c8b5f5⋯.png (108.85 KB, 1620x1338, 270:223, ;bpgo9ihyjk.png)

Notice how these sneaky kikes pretend the shitskin invaders haven't been committing hundreds of thousands of crimes since the borders were opened?

3d1eb7 No.8757181


Religions are right-wing, goy!

ISIS is on your team, but you can't discipline them, or else!

d27eaa No.8757193

I guess that means we'll actually have to kill them instead of just rough them up.

285d23 No.8757200


>German state of Brandenburg has now become the first region to say that rejected asylum seekers who have become victims or witnesses of such attacks will be allowed to stay in the country.

The minister neglected to specify where they would be buried, but we assume it's someplace nice.

285d23 No.8757208


Also, the first 10,000 rejected asylum hooligans (who must be the fucking worst of the worst if Germany is kicking them out) lining up to claim they witnessed a skinhead attack in 5. . . 4. . . 3. . . 2. . .

6a0757 No.8757215

>If you attack them we'll keep them here

>Totally no false flag incoming

Never been a more obvious pretense.

df8fe2 No.8757225

You cant just attack the invaders anymore. The priority targets are their enablers.

25c20b No.8757232


Be a (((refugee)))

Pay a drug addicted bald guy to attack you


76c61f No.8757236

Someone needs to tell them they can stop feeling guilty about the war.

6b6fb7 No.8757247


What about attackig the government ?

25c20b No.8757251

File: 33f89fcd01dc704⋯.jpg (24.03 KB, 266x427, 38:61, its-still-2015-dude.jpg)

If you attack illegal aliens who rape and kill they win!

(= will be made citizens and get extra benefits and a luxury appartment)

26df9c No.8757257


Good god, this. I hope the current generation has way less guilt but then again, is half of the current generation only """""""German""""""" anyway?

5b5120 No.8757258

File: 4e6992121ece866⋯.jpg (120.21 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 9eJnK8.jpg)

File: cd3bb65085a4cf7⋯.jpg (84.94 KB, 735x632, 735:632, podesta-trudeau.jpg)


Did somebody say pasta party?

9b3f25 No.8757284

Guess that means we have to attack politicans then :^)

f6a5bb No.8757287


>inb4 groups of suspicously tan neo-nazis start ganging up on poor asylum rejects while chanting aloha snackbar

b40f4b No.8757300

You can start by assassinating the leftist politicians keeping them here.

3db7b5 No.8757320

File: 117b1f91b197c29⋯.jpg (36.32 KB, 635x492, 635:492, tmp_27728-large-breivik-sm….jpg)


>Mubarak Haji Ahmed, one of the survivors of the 2011 mass shooting in Norway committed by right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, faced deportation to Djibouti in 2015 despite losing his brother in the attack and suffering hearing loss and mental health issues as a consequence.

529d51 No.8757329

File: 7a1a630cb66dbbb⋯.jpg (42.88 KB, 384x476, 96:119, slovepoke.jpg)



>Still thinking you can wage a civil war with larpers

>In Germany, of all places.

sure, maybe soon but not today.

5b5120 No.8757333

File: 7e9f1d2988cf23e⋯.jpg (106.69 KB, 950x600, 19:12, chase_the_jews.jpg)

File: a652e90d135f394⋯.png (338.13 KB, 961x461, 961:461, ben_garrison_caused_autism.png)

ebb95e No.8757384

They can't keep them if they're dead.

3128b3 No.8757404

File: ed40e25eac1c251⋯.jpg (89.95 KB, 499x557, 499:557, dexit.jpg)

it's happening, folkes!

439f70 No.8757423


Breivik will probably be pissed he missed one more than anything.

217510 No.8757431


Is it really?

1470f4 No.8757444

File: 5c82a4f0fdf4f3e⋯.png (536.52 KB, 663x783, 221:261, 5c82a4f0fdf4f3eecaf945deea….png)

fd30ec No.8757450


German here. Hard to say. Apart from hard left-wingers, no one I know really wants Merkel for another term , but the media and the establishment have poisoned the well against the AfD so hard that too many people don't consider it a valid alternative.

That being said, I don't believe the polls seeing the AfD at 15%, I assume they will get around 20%, which would be a political earthquake.

I do look forward to the coming election.

3128b3 No.8757456



certain groups are admitting openly.

most of them are still being politically correct.

but majority is upset.

11c191 No.8757488

Then it's the same to just kill them instead.

3128b3 No.8757500



the politicians are just pawns. in my opinion,

the leftist college professors are the one behind and this is the same strategy used by communists before.they push the government and pressure it to pass their agenda and in the streets they conduct rally, just like the sjws. the silent normal majority will think that the whole country is supporting the leftist propaganda and delude itself that it is the right thing to do and support.

0f150d No.8757519



>thinking you can't wage a civil war with larpers

This reality is now naught but memes.

447324 No.8757549


All of them.

You can't stop them from doing it unless you kill all of them. And even then, Samson Looms.

5b5120 No.8757576


>Samson Looms.

You're a fucking kike, did you know that?

Hey everyone, I found a kike!

>muh Samson looms

Go suck a foreskin off of a baby you fucking kike. We have nukes too, and nuclear insanity card was first played by the USA. Stupid fucking kikes can't even cold war properly.

1470f4 No.8757600


You do know what the Samson option is, right?

fbdc49 No.8757611


How long does it have to be pointed out that you go after the (((instigators))) and traitors implementing the invasion first, dealing with the shitskins are purely mop up phase and putting out fires.

5b5120 No.8757613


You do know that "the Samson Option" is literally the definition of MADD and the principle all nuclear nations adhere to, whether it is publicly stated state opinion or not?

Are you fucking retarded?

875f95 No.8757631

While it's infuriating, it's just a cheap excuse to do what they were going to do anyway. Nobody in our government actually wants to deport anybody.

86878a No.8757678


I had a conversation with some friends at my university about politics they know nothing about it but still want to vote for CDU because "Merkel did nothing wrong" and "the migrant crisis would have happened without Merkel"

I tried to tell them about all the shit Merkel did and about the agenda which is being influenced by (((them))) but students nowadays just dont want to listen because the media told them afd is bad and they have lost the ability for critical thinking. I think they are lost.

1470f4 No.8757680


The Samson option, as it is described by (((Ron Rosenbaum))), is a revenge attack on Europe for the alleged persecution of the jews, in case Israel is threatened, you fucking kike shill.

5b5120 No.8757698


It's just kikes boasting about their nukes.

Every nation that has nukes has the "option" of ending the world. That's the whole fucking point.

225f92 No.8757742


So let me get this straight.

All mudslimes have to do is provoke an attack and they'll get to stay?

Destroy your government Germany.

225f92 No.8757755


>And even then, Samson Looms.

Samson kills the Jews too. They wouldn't have the guts.

Even if they did I would not give a shit. Death or death is the option.

One has a glimmer of light though.

400554 No.8757757

racist germans, don't you guys know migrants come here to be oppressed?

047a5d No.8757763


Where are they getting these facts from?

Why is 2016 missing?

439f70 No.8757767


No, fuck off. The mental deficiency responsible for the Samson Option, is that if Israel were to be taken over conventionally or otherwise by Iran or Syria or something, Israel would have a shitfit and launch all its remaining nukes at Europe for not doing enough to protect the poor oppressed chosen as revenge.

5b5120 No.8757774


What's the difference?

If the USA was invaded by China, they would launch all their nukes and the world would enter into nuclear winter just the same.

Explain the difference.

0d7c92 No.8757778

>still no RWDS to take out the traitors that do this shit

Have our meme magicians failed?

fc3355 No.8757783


It's this. An excuse to be able to keep mudshits in. They'll beat the fuck out of each other, report an assault, and get to stay in free and clear. Kikes are getting crafty about ways to keep em in and minimize backlash.

047a5d No.8757784


Jews could leave their religion.

White people cannot leave their skin.

5b5120 No.8757794

File: 2e03015b10c8210⋯.jpg (56.66 KB, 702x702, 1:1, dd54de29bcd3c57efe47f75b97….jpg)


No argument detected.

Juden detected, however.

d11566 No.8757847

File: 1a6b70ffee54834⋯.jpg (29.07 KB, 258x284, 129:142, 74_b.jpg)


New Tor

Is the fact that one involves differences of physical properties and one involves differences of ideology not a relevant argument?

It's valid and you know it you slimy mongrel.

d11566 No.8757849


Leave your religion kikes.

8a5963 No.8758298


no they only need to CLAIM they were attacked

bonus points for getting themselves hurt from anything

0598e8 No.8758323

Dead politicians can't make bullshit laws

e412e2 No.8758350

File: 82e653f2060f82c⋯.jpg (76.78 KB, 534x641, 534:641, 1481595088733.jpg)


Checked. Praise Kek.

5c40a3 No.8758634


>You do know that "the Samson Option" is literally the definition of MADD

MAD is entirely different from the Samson Option.

MAD = "If you nuke us, we nuke you back and we both die."

Samson Option = "If we're getting invaded, we nuke EVERYTHING."

8ac28e No.8758664

>If you attack migrants, we’ll keep them here

>If you don't, we'll keep them here

bf0bcc No.8758665

>or witnesses

They're guaranteeing you'll need to kill them all.

bc3cfc No.8758672


>Samson Option = "If we're getting invaded, we nuke EVERYTHING."

So it is a omnicide. That's insane.

bc3cfc No.8758697

File: 46ed8ab69ca5dc5⋯.png (759.69 KB, 958x368, 479:184, white races will be extinc….PNG)

810671 No.8758703


Lol, even the comments on WaPo are talking about how this is obviously a ploy to keep as many shitskins inside Germany as possible, and that it's becoming increasingly clear Germany's government is directly hostile to it's citizens.

Honestly, if things keep up at this rate for another few years, I wouldn't be surprised if ethnic Germans are extinct by 2100.

4c44bc No.8758747

File: 930f428be8d38ce⋯.jpg (70.78 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_1635.JPG)


Berlin anon here, I'm going out to restore Prussia today. Most of you guys are ok, just stay away from Berlin this afternoon

e7af45 No.8758749


Jew controlled media:



I travel home from work in my mid size eastern German city via the local trainstation.

A pack of 6 sandniggers comes towards me with the intend to bump into me to start a fight.

I'm having none of it and move out of their way. I always carry a knife but six on one never ends well + the justice system here would rape me if I kill one of them + I have better things to do than fighting with sandniggers over who da top dawg is.

I'll move to Japan soon and let others deal with this mess. Germany is starting to feel like a giant Oakland.

4c44bc No.8758752

File: c4f45d38c30c20f⋯.jpg (40.75 KB, 640x479, 640:479, IMG_1654.JPG)


forgot pic

e7af45 No.8758764

Also every time I come to the trainstation there is at least 50% sandniggers hanging around the area.

Sometimes police stops and checks them, sometimes they're having epic fights with each other at night over god knows what. Fucking savages.

Btw. sandnigger countries have IQs around 80 which is barely above mildly retarded level.

c4c1cb No.8758822




More specifically, the Samson option nukes Israel's strongest supporters. I don't recall them saying they'd nuke China or the Sudan, just USA, UK, Canada, Germany, etc.

c4c1cb No.8758833


You could just move to Czech republic where it's legal to carry a gun and there are no immigrants because the government can't afford to pay them welfare.

439f70 No.8758844


>If the USA was invaded by China, they would launch all their nukes

Yeah, at Chyna, not at Canada or Argentina or Japan or New Zealand. The kikes would, that's the difference.

ff9617 No.8758868


Well, too bad, they got to kill them now so they cant remain in the country.

e7af45 No.8758896


Salaries are atrocious there though. While everything costs the same or more than in Germany. Czech is also a pretty difficult language.>>8758833

0d7c92 No.8758904



Godspeed. You will be remembered.

229669 No.8758928


>Berlin to right-wing extremists: If you attack migrants, we’ll keep them here

You'll keep them there anyways, if so, might as well attack them, at least then they can be kept 6 feet under.

dc4072 No.8758977

71e5e9 No.8759011


>Destroying your country out of petty spite for a group that you consider subhuman thought criminals

Do these faggots not have even a sliver of self-awareness? How can they declare this sort of shit without realizing that they are the bad guys for subjecting their country to massive social and economic destruction in the name of some ill-defined greater good?

The extreme right wing faggots picking fights in the street may be obnoxious, but they never let in hundreds of thousands of rapists and then covered it up.

054f4e No.8759060

it think it has been said here many times before but once again

attacking the invaders directly is meaningless there is an endless supply of fresh ones and your attacks will not reach the media as a deterrence measure

hypothetically speaking of course the best move of a counter group would be to attack the police and make it look like the invaders did it

directly make them confront the state security apparatus till the point it breaks then you can have your revolution

dd45a5 No.8759191



Oy vey! Raping and murdering blonde women for not covering themselves is NOT political!

dc4072 No.8759200


what do you mean? fuck the pohpoh?

054f4e No.8759273


of course fuck the pohpoh, unlike in burgerland the police in europe are chronically underfunded and quite diversified with women hires

put any stress on them and they will break

germany only has 240k police officers to their 1 mil plus invaders

506df0 No.8759300


Used to live in Paris, can confirm Euro police are absolute garbage.

dc4072 No.8759305


damn I never thought of this, all you need to do is infiltrate the shitskins and make them rise up against the police and you would get instant SOLUTIONS

fe31b2 No.8759324

File: 6e1eee72011921a⋯.jpg (112.98 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 54537633.jpg)

fe31b2 No.8759327

File: bb40a89dd6b4e13⋯.png (279.71 KB, 500x482, 250:241, ITS ANNUDDA SHOAH.png)

e7af45 No.8759331


As much as I hate German cops as petty enforcers of jews, they can't do shit against sandniggers and are usually vicitims of them.

It's common for a cop in sandnigger dominated areas to be wrecked by 30 because they have to abide by anti goy cuck rules and sandniggers attack them on the regular. Busted knee caps, broken bones and chronic pain are rather normal for lowly German street cops at that age if they work in the wrong area.

Just like in US nigger ghettos there are no go areas for cops in Germany where they only show up with 100+ men if they really have to

dc4072 No.8759340


too bad, you cant make an omelette without breaking a few legs

054f4e No.8759360


and the solution to this would be non uniformed masked nightly right wing death squads to put the fear into the mudslime

the cops took an oath to defend the country, failure to do so means they are the enemy and only there for what they percieved to be an easy paycheck

but it is even beyond an issue of morality most european states do not have enough lets call them warrior cops to stop an large scale violence

the sheer stupidity of the leftist politician is mindboggling there exists no force that can keep them safe in their pozzed cities

054f4e No.8759365


meant to reply to >>8759331

506df0 No.8759377


It's by design, everyone who is qualified and willing to do their job quits because they're smart enough to know it's not worth it. Europe used to be a beautiful place only what >>8759360 suggests could ever fix it. That or ovens and lampshades of course.

461370 No.8759391

Germans are too cucked to do anything about it.

dc4072 No.8759398

Anyway isnt that cunt Merkel already been in power for like 10 years now? How is it even possible she can be elected for another 'term'????

e7af45 No.8759410


Germans get indoctrinated at an early age that they're evil nazis.

Turn on the TV and chances are you'll see some evil nazi times documentary on some channel in Germany.

The brainwash runs deep…

810671 No.8759418


Dude, nigger-ghettos in the US are not no-go zones for cops. They go into these places all the time, it gives them an opportunity to use all the federally-gifted military-grade gear their departments receive. As shitty as things are here, our cops are not afraid of confrontation, in fact many are itching for it.

489978 No.8759423

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

if you are German, you need to watch this

4fe628 No.8759436


What this graph doesn't show is that ~85% of right-wing crimes in Germany are propaganda crimes, such as wearing forbidden symbols, singing forbidden songs or incitement to hatred. If one compares only physical crimes, since the others are only applied to the right wing, they are far surpassed by left-wing radicals.

And the chuzpe of comparing them only with political crimes by foreigners is impressive.

810671 No.8759443


>reddit spacing

unaesthetic, anon. But yeah, we're bombarded with holocaust propaganda non-stop in the US especially if you go to a private Christian school so I can only imagine what a captive audience of young germans are subjected to.

e7af45 No.8759444


People can vote between shit and crap and she panders to women which make up 50% of the voters and pussy whipped cucks follow along.

Jews made sure that the political spectrum stays very narrow and everything outside of this narrow spectrum is on the extremist side that few people will vote for.

They accomplish this by introducing paid shills / police informers whose full time job is to subvert these political parties and make them look ridiculous to outsiders.

506df0 No.8759467


Trips of truth, it's the exact same in France and I imagine the rest of Europe.

489978 No.8759508

What needs to be said:

Do not lose hope.

You, the German people have the key to change in your hands.

AfD or CDU

This is your moment. Europe is closely watching.

4fe628 No.8759542

File: 445a2efd1ed471c⋯.jpg (95.09 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1470781515802.jpg)


You know what huge problem we're facing in Germany? Of the politicians with a chance to win the election, Merkel's the best we've got. She systematically purged her political rivals from her party, and while its bavarian sister-party is the only party not left of the center, it's leaders are the biggest turbocucks you've ever seen. The AfD is neither strong nor organized enough to form a government, and the rest are social democrats, leftists and greens.

So I'm afraid that Merkel's going to stay for another term, hell I even hope she does, because if not we're even more fucked.

dc4072 No.8759549


and how long is that??????????????

im sick of seeing her stupid shit grin

0343b4 No.8759633

Castration and disembowelment followed by hanging in a public place for immigrants that have committed violent sexual crimes against women and children. Will be impossible for politicians to denounce without having to admit that immigrant was only there per their invitation, while also signaling to other Germans that the people really are sick of this bullshit and willing to stand up to this.

I hope to see pictures of kebabs blowing in the wind this year, don't let me down Germanfags. This is becoming a literal fight for survival by the German people.

2e41b9 No.8759674


checking truth.

dc4072 No.8759696

File: 649bcc75932d0b8⋯.jpg (46.61 KB, 515x515, 1:1, jesse.jpg)


>my face if that actually ever happened

506df0 No.8759707


Checked. What a comfy day that'll be.

25a9c4 No.8759743



Remember to target lefty politicians and their leftist supporters. Don't just spergout and kill random people. Target antifa too if you can.

506df0 No.8759767


If you kill Merkel swear to god I'll name my firstborn son after you, especially if you drop some redpills along the way.

3116b7 No.8759769

So what they are saying is that the "right wing extremists" have to make sure if they attack to finish the job instead of doing it half assed?

>Political leaders hope those moves could send a strong signal to right-wing extremists and anti-immigration parties

It will


They already do the first guy arrested after Berlin was claming being abused and hit by the cops.


his face when I already paid baldy to finish the job.


Oy vey goy buh muh 600 gazilion.


Or they can once they are dead I dont give a fuck eitherway.


They only need to claim an attack, of course "criminals dont get this right" but we all see that criminals are allowed to stay eitherway.



dad553 No.8759776


>Mubarak Haji Ahmed, one of the survivors of the 2011 mass shooting in Norway committed by right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik,, faced deportation to Djibouti

Serves you well sandnigger. Sir Anders did nothing wrong

417ce1 No.8760004

98a5ed No.8760021


I mean, I guess ""sexual emergencies"" aren't political.

1c8e1c No.8760049


Leave no witnesses. The worst thing they can do dead is poison the well with their rotten corpses.

31a661 No.8760108


>right wing crimes


>politically motivated crimes by foreigners

>politically motivated

How about crimes by foreigners in general?

217510 No.8760359


5 years.

436124 No.8760406

This is a big, big mistake for the left.

Word is going to spread - if you get attacked you will never be deported. Then the sans-monkeys will flood german law enforcement with false reports and go out of their way to provoke violence amongst ordinary germans. This law will make sand-monkey on german crime skyrocket.

436124 No.8760409


Meant *sand

damn mobile

e49ec7 No.8760410



vote and campaign for AfD, you fool.

If you care about your country you should be spending all of your free time making sure they win this election.

5b5120 No.8760463


>This is a big, big mistake for the left.

You mean a masterstroke of genocidal policies.

19ac0c No.8760543


>reddit spacing. unaesthetic, anon.

>implying large amounts of one-liners smooshed together is readable without indentations

You people are fucking retards.

95db28 No.8760610

>attack migrant, he will stay

>don't attack migrant, he will stay

Sounds like the only option is to kill them

b0ad40 No.8760780

File: f99c7669b94b4ab⋯.jpg (35.81 KB, 439x377, 439:377, 2200_fdf.jpg)


Most of the most problematic ones already have, what is your point here exactly?

0343b4 No.8760790


Precisely this. I'm coming to the conclusion that they are actually trying to start a new conflict. Up to the present moment they have been able to eliminate the potential for effective coordination, but the effect will be a hyper-paranoiac nomadic war machine. (Which is kind of what we are already.)

I will be really surprised, and disappointed, if I don't see Germans start taking action finally. I suppose we will wait and see how elections go. Government policy after this next election will probably be the final straw.

657c70 No.8760795

File: 4cf411e2263888f⋯.jpg (51.27 KB, 500x315, 100:63, 1398519835179.jpg)


>Jesus fucking Christ. How many fucking politicians do we have to slaughter before they stop committing genocide on us?

All of them.

5af117 No.8760825


>restore Prussia

>not making it Mac Tonite

eca9e4 No.8760955

File: 291f962dcdd6ee5⋯.png (264.56 KB, 331x468, 331:468, 1434791025340.png)


>wearing forbidden symbols

>singing forbidden songs

Germany what the fuck are you doing.

eca9e4 No.8760986

File: 41fdd15d3ad29a1⋯.jpg (105.65 KB, 636x465, 212:155, Merkel Communist.jpg)


>The AfD is neither strong nor organized enough to form a government

No government at all is 100% better than a fucking communist turning your country into Sandniggerland.

eca9e4 No.8760997


Day of The Rope is when i expect NEETs to work overtime.

eca9e4 No.8761007


Also notice how Angela Merkel in her younger years looks like your truly typical Leftist mongoloid. Look at that face. Fucking retard.

e6f100 No.8761017

File: 8807a04213037d5⋯.jpg (34.45 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 2863ba223adce97f72e7ee115a….jpg)


>If I was ever even allegedly seen in a Nazi uniform my life would be virtually ruined

1bfec7 No.8761077


unless everyone sees you in Nazi uniform in (((hollywood)))

0eaa66 No.8761101


>if you attack them we'll let them stay permanently

1) they're doing that anyway

2) this is going to be false flagged to death, they'll use any excuse to pass it, after which mudscums will start constantly reporting "abuse" to be granted permanent residence

They're going all out at this point, theres no real turning back now

eca9e4 No.8761104

File: c37a783592aac12⋯.jpg (185.42 KB, 691x507, 691:507, 1397164333835.jpg)

e6f100 No.8761132


>tfw I would be too old to fight in 2033

7e6702 No.8761137


That's the Jews in a nutshell.

Read through their books and lore. You wouldn't believe the madness they think they can get away with.

000000 No.8761259


wear a mask friend. I can tell you it is a great time.

eca9e4 No.8761280

File: 3601c2d3abf5431⋯.gif (11.34 KB, 350x437, 350:437, 1429558428810.gif)


Me too.

That won't stop us from working in ammunitions factories though. Looking forward to the day!

16ac52 No.8761283



876073 No.8761285


I don't know how Germany hasn't gone full RWDS yet?

e6f100 No.8761289


>you can affort a Nazi uniform

I can affort a flags that's about it

cfe706 No.8761331

File: 4a6780f876229b0⋯.png (815.21 KB, 849x638, 849:638, 3.png)


>if you attack migrants, we'll keep them here

Oh good, I love sitting targets.

16ac52 No.8761349



cdf9e8 No.8761394


The Germans are a patient, orderly people. They want to resolve this with a legal election.

dad553 No.8761583


Does the Samson option include nuking America and the Sandnigger lands?

000000 No.8761769


so crowdfund one or something. best 600 bucks you will ever spend.

eefd00 No.8761995

>import thousands of shitskins knowing full well that they'll cause all kinds of mayhem

>threaten to keep them here if you criticize the suffering that they're causing

This can be considered an initiation of violence by the left-wing, right? Sure, they're doing it through a proxy (shitskins) but it's basically as if white leftists and (((white leftists))) are murdering, raping, and terrorizing whites themselves. Is there any argument against this idea? Because if there isn't, it means that there's only one optimal counter-strategy to what they're doing.

2df412 No.8762073


Not from what I understood. The Samson option is 99% of nukes are pointed at Europe and a few at Russia to trigger Dead Hand. Dead Hand I guess would take care of anything not European.

999a5b No.8762174


>Notice how these sneaky kikes pretend the shitskin invaders haven't been committing hundreds of thousands of crimes since the borders were opened?

yes, but when i German gets beats up a shitskin for robbing his store is a politically motivated crime. but when mudslimes rape women while screaming "whore" and "allahu ackbar" it was just a "sexual emergency" and "misunderstanding"

i don't understand why you don't get this goy

4a05a0 No.8762348

File: 7a23e32a86cf245⋯.jpg (62.07 KB, 423x435, 141:145, WJg4kZH.jpg)


>singing forbidden songs

Die gedanken sind frei

61cfa3 No.8762471

>>If you attack migrants, we’ll keep them here

I don't care where they put the bodies. Oh… they think we want to give mohammad a slap? No, no, no.

4a05a0 No.8762636

c25a6a No.8762820


>Old and out of touch, long time serving female politician of a liberal party up against a right wing underdog candidate everyone thinks will lose

Let's see if history repeats itself.

fb4ac1 No.8763461


>Berlin to right-wing extremists: If you attack migrants, we’ll keep them here

So, the message they're sending is that right-wing extremists ought to attack the politicians who set policy?

01a8d8 No.8763549


Pretty bad, Halgadom is much better

f538b5 No.8766496


Break a leg!

bad8a6 No.8766602


>implying that there will be Germany left in 2033.

There isn't going to be any civil war in Sweden, UK, France or Germany. They are a lost cause and their society is too cucked. None of their anons will do shit since everyone is expecting others to set the table. This generation will be remembered as the cucks who collapsed the western civilization and hated by future /pol/acks and I won't blame them because they'll be 100% right.

12697d No.8766621


Wrong, nigger. We're waking up.

2e8a50 No.8766623



Everyone is smiling from the heavens, make them proud m8.

bad8a6 No.8766701


No, you aren't. You just tell that to yourselves to make you feel better after you read about yet another massacre or rape.

1fe521 No.8766938


Oh boy here we go. Lets meme germany to leave the EU.

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