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/newsplus/ - Trump Slams CNN and BUZZFEED as FAKENEWS During his First Press Conference of 2017
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For the first time since July last year, President-elect Donald Trump held a conference for news organizations. During the event, he singled out CNN and BuzzFeed for their constant attacks on his campaign and presidency and for producing fake news reports.

The press conference centered on various matters including Russia’s alleged link to the U.S. elections and Trump’s incoming cabinet members. Although other media outlets such as Fox News, ABC and Breitbart were given the opportunity to ask questions at the event, Trump took advantage of the conference to slam CNN and BuzzFeed for their unsubstantiated reports.

Trump’s ire towards these two outlets stems from the recent report published by BuzzFeed, which claims that Russia has compromising information about the incoming president. As for CNN, the news outlet immediately latched on to the story and released an article about it earlier this week.

During the press conference, Trump warned BuzzFeed of the repercussions for releasing the article.

“BuzzFeed which is a failing pile of garbage… will suffer the consequence,” Trump said.

Trump then turned his sights on CNN after its reporter Jim Acosta called his attention for a question.


File: 155a5f1057fa066⋯.jpg (36.79 KB, 300x534, 50:89, art of the deal with it.jpg)


Trumps a fucking badass!


File: 53dddc255c7b8c3⋯.jpg (20.05 KB, 161x313, 161:313, 1471536940173-1.jpg)


>Trump then turned his sights on CNN after its reporter Jim Acosta called his attention for a question.

It was even better than that. The faggot from CNN kept trying to talk over Trump and demand that he give him a question for far longer than any professional journalist should. So Trump told him to be quiet because he's "Fake News"

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