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File: aaa5b1c54b1a032⋯.png (762.54 KB, 709x720, 709:720, 475998589173571_964994082.png)


Do not talk about whether vaccines work or not, or whether or not they cause autism, unless you’re ready for a very heated debate. Although the link between vaccines and autism is nothing new, to even speak of it can get you labeled as an “anti-vaxxer” or a health fanatic of sorts by the sheeple (brainwashed masses) that believe every vaccine the CDC recommends not only works, but is 100% safe and 100% effective 100% of the time. Even if some vaccines work some of the time, are they worth the health risk? That is the ultimate question, because one statistic you may not know is that children who receive mercury-containing vaccinations (listed as thimerosal usually) are 27 times more likely to develop autism than those who don’t get those jabs. That comes from a recent study based on the CDC’s own data. Still want to keep it a hush-hush topic?

Pediatricians in America are not allowed to question vaccines at all, nor are they allowed to recommend less than the CDC recommends, or they face the wrath of the AMA – the infamous American Medical Association – that finds a way to shut down the “contenders,” sometimes even taking away their license to practice medicine. Big question: would the statistics of autism suddenly bottom out if mercury was removed from all vaccines, including flu shots? (By the way, the CDC lied when they said mercury has been removed from all vaccines).

For starters, children are not born with autism. It appears during infancy or childhood, and is brought on by an overload of neurotoxins either consumed, injected or ingested from environmental factors, or all of the above. In fact, the recent autism spectrum disorder (ASD) spike over the past two decades in the USA directly coincides with the vaccine schedule increase, by quantity and frequency, enforced by the CDC. To understand why autism is next to non-existent for the Amish, consider that the Amish have been “cut off” from American scientific and medical “progress” for centuries, thus they’ve had less exposure to the major factors that trigger autism, including the most likely proponent–vaccines.

Take a little trip to the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country and try to tag yourself even half a dozen Amish children with autism and you’ll come up short. If statistics matched our national average, there would be about 200 in the Amish community, but to date, there are only three, one of which was adopted and brought over from China. Go figure. Another one actually did get vaccinated and developed autism shortly afterwards. Go figure again.

United States kids get 50 inoculations before age seven, many that are combinations containing multiple disease strains, mercury, formaldehyde (yes, embalming fluid for the dead), monosodium glutamate (MSG) and aluminum, just to name a few neurotoxins. Flu shots contain the highest levels of mercury, up to 25,000 times what the EPA allows as a maximum in drinking water and edible fish. Mercury is the second most poisonous element know to mankind.

Fortunately for the Amish, they’re also opting out of three of the most controversial vaccines on the market today: hepatitis B, HPV (human papillomavirus) and of course, the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella combo) that was implicated in the CDC vaccine-autism-link and biggest medical cover-up in history, ever. Conflicting with CDC claims, the multi-dose version of hepatitis B still contains thimerosal (50% mercury). The immature central nervous systems and the liver of Amish newborns are spared this volatile toxin thanks to their parent’s religious beliefs. Amish children experience hardly any learning disabilities at all, in fact. Nor are the Amish experiencing typical US diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. This could all be because they don’t eat GMO, take chemical pharmaceuticals, or vaccines. Surely, no government run regulatory agency will ever run this comparison of Amish health vs. non-Amish health, but the reality speaks for itself.



>Flu shots contain the highest levels of mercury, up to 25,000 times what the EPA allows as a maximum in drinking water and edible fish. Mercury is the second most poisonous element know to mankind.

Well fuck me up the ass with a hot iron.


And I'm sure those Amish are just as likely to take their kid to doctor for autism.




No, but correlation doesn't equal causation.

I'd say this is a result of inbreeding.

Also this >>501101


It WAS a compound that contained mercury, and to elemental mercury. There is a huge difference.

I seriously hope none of you actually think that natural news is good source of information.



>No, but correlation doesn't equal causation.

>I'd say this is a result of inbreeding.

So yes it is just a coincidence.



>I seriously hope none of you actually think that natural news is good source of information.

Well checking the sources of the article, what would you say about this source?



Well just speaking as another random anon here. I ain't Amish and haven't taken one vaccine in many years. A lot of the vaccines they have now days never existed when I was growing up either. I likely had a dozen, if that, while growing up. I don't have any disease, rarely ever get sick either. So I don't believe all the hype about vaccinations, I really do believe it's about scaring people to make profits. I also am not surprised if people actually do have negative side effects. Why would major corporations care about that as long as they continue making profits?


File: 66a937ea9dbcf69⋯.jpg (12.09 KB, 203x201, 203:201, kakyoin smug.jpg)


>The Amish (who don’t get vaccinated) Rarely Get Autism, Cancer or Heart Disease… Coincidence?

You're gonna have to source that from a site that isn't naturalnews, since they're known to lie to push an agenda.

Not only that, you're gonna have to relate the evidence to vaccines specifically instead of lifestyle choices, otherwise it really IS a coincidence.



You don't have to agree with the source, I really don't care. It's more like a heads up to those who actually care about their health to do some research and think before they act. Do what you want, by all means, it won't effect me.




Well anon, you've convinced me. After all, nothing else about the amnish lifestyle is different to normal americans, making it a fair test.



That figures.


>backwards as fuck people who don't believe in psychology, don't have any kind of medical imaging or immense knowledge of the heart and coronary vessels rarely get DIAGNOSED with autism, cancer or heart disease

Fixed that for you.



Seems pretty clear-cut to me. Autism usually develops at quite an early age so i dont think you could blame more fresher air(if that is true) for less autism. What else would be the reason? fresh milk from the cows?



>fresher milk from cows

Probably. Humans were never meant to drink the pastuerised shit the force on us these days.


File: c5fc31a8920c94b⋯.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, 1:1, chuckle.gif)


Your faith in modern psychology is rather quaint. Freud is still the peak of scientific methodology practiced by psychologists. That is just sad.

And you'll know if a kid is autistic if he has language problems those tells are much easier to detect then you give credit for it people just ignore it, otherwise it's just you being a shit parent.



I'm not saying I buy into psychology all that much, I'm just saying that group of people who don't do psychology AT ALL wouldn't ever have a diagnosis of autism.


File: 3b8acc96b1fe76a⋯.jpg (20.15 KB, 250x268, 125:134, junk-food.jpg)

More likely it's because they don't eat industrial shit.


> Autism

The Amish look like they all have a few extra chromosomes already from the start.

> Allergies

All children growing up in rural areas are less likely to develop allergies, regardless of vaccine. Better air and exposure to normal amounts of pollen and dust mean the organism learns better what it harmful and what isn't.


there is an autism epidemic because there is an epidemic of alcoholic, cock-carousel whores having their first kid at 40 and then cursing the child with a single mother upbringing.

autism guaranteed



I think that's a huge part of it, yes.



Autism isn't down syndrome.


File: 0d62f959fb10194⋯.gif (1017.92 KB, 300x167, 300:167, fzUo11f.gif)

Vaccines, diet, exercise, sleep/wake cycle, earlier and more natural childbirth, lack of electricity/electronics, no promiscuity… there's a thousand factors that could be a part of that and still not cover everything.

Autism wasn't unheard of, historically. People have been getting vaccinated, routinely, for decades now. The autism explosion has really only picked up the last twenty or so years. Maybe it's because of better diagnostics, as some claim. Maybe it's misdiagnosis. Maybe it's all the various classifications we now have, from full-blown Rain Man to mildly assburger. Maybe it's because every woman's a whore and lets twenty different guys dump their baby batter in them before "settling down". Maybe it's a combination of vaccines, shitty diet, and twenty wads. Maybe this, maybe that. Who knows?


What if it was vaccines though. I mean, ive heard all these stories about vaccines (((accidentally))) have active viral agents in them and shit and a bunch of other shit.

No smoke without fire.



There's always the odd virus that manages to get through the attenuation process. It's not like this is hidden anywhere. It literally says on the pamphlet that comes with the vaccines there is a very low (less than 1 in 100,000) chance of active virus particles.


I'm sure it has more to do with diet and lifestyle.

The Amish are completely different from your average American.

They produce their own food without pumping it full of chemicals, they're very physically active, and they generally don't work in environments that could potentially lead to various kinds of poisoning.

These factors alone generally make it less likely for them to pass on genetic defects.

Meanwhile the average American is constantly exposed to various chemicals in their food (even the "healthy" shit), if they're involved with manual labor then chances are fairly high they'll wind up in a hazardous environment, and in general Americans are fat, which has huge effects on their offspring.

I'm not ruling out suspicious shit in vaccines, but the causes of health problems of this scale are never limited to one factor.


From what I can tell, the Amish reproduce more earlier than most of the first world. Offspring from parents who aren't old shits tend to be healthier.

There's no connection between vaccines and autism, you dumbfucks.


File: e645031d4c637b8⋯.jpg (42.46 KB, 500x392, 125:98, cc9.jpg)


>And you'll know if a kid is autistic if he has language problems those tells are much easier to detect then you give credit for it people just ignore it, otherwise it's just you being a shit parent.

Well, that's clear for pronounced autism, but higher functioning autism-spectrum disorders are more likely to go undiagnosed or even untreated for an agrarian, provincial, and heavily religious groups like this.

Imagine someone with functional aspergers in such a society. He might be a bit bad at some social things (though maybe not, since the social rules in societies like this are often *very* clear and explicit) but he could also be extremely good at certain kinds of repetitive work and maybe even unlikely to be as annoying and rebellious during adolescence.

And since family is more pronounced and active in a person's life in a society like this a high functioning autist might not even have much of a social problem in areas like marriage and get togethers. When your parents are always looking for people for you to be with too, you can afford to be more of a social fuck up.



but this was a case of active virus in 200 000 or two million vaccines. No (((accidence))).



Autism's been linked to childbirth post (especially) 30 years of age, 40+ pregnancy is guaranteed down syndrome / autism, 30+ is high chance, but yes also a ton of other factors but this is a big one, a lot of women give birth at 32+.


File: fe42eaf00bb4ca6⋯.jpg (33.64 KB, 480x360, 4:3, eat yor peas2.jpg)


> I don't have any disease,

Mental illness is a disease /killcen/

Eat yor peas



Yeah, but their rates of congenital defects from inbreeding are through the roof.



Yes. Now fuck off.



>Autism, Cancer or Heart Disease

The Amish live simple lives. They don't get diagnosed with these diseases.



I believe social isolation is a factor for autism, which would explain why the amish have less of an autism problem. when you cant watch TV or play video games socialising to pass the time becomes a lot more appealing



Those fucking horse buggy assholes are inbred up the wayside. Don't be deluded, these retards have very weak genetics. And often do you think Amish are going to get their children checked autism? What about a cancer screening? And do you think they'll get an autopsy done on a family member who died of heart disease?


File: 3bbc285b2bd29ec⋯.jpg (28.34 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 5d6.jpg)

I'm sure limited exposure to electronics (some of which still uses solder that contains lead) has something to do with it. Having parents who actually do their jobs instead of letting the television do it for them likely helps too. They also do not own automobiles which emit all sorts of potentially autism-causing pollutants. Not to mention almost all of them live in rural areas where pollution is much less of a thing. Some might even argue that their religion teaches self-control, which could minimize the chance of autism.

The list goes on and on really.


How fucking retarded would you have to be to see this headline and not think

"They're fucking Amish, they don't have the technology or understanding to diagnose these things to begin with"




do you live in a major city, the suburbs, or a rural area?



Pasteurization is literally nothing more than boiling it. Nothing wrong at all with it.


Kind of hard to leep to autistic patterns when you are forced to be outside and social.


File: a535289122efe69⋯.jpg (10.73 KB, 120x115, 24:23, kakyoin close.jpg)


I have done the research, and you're full of shit. What you're doing is the same shit that buzzfeed recently did with the /pol/ prank document, they released it and said "well the people should decide whether or not this false document is true or false" That's not ethical, that's yellow journalism, and it's lies as well.

Exactly what you did here, you have a responsibility to tell the truth instead of pushing an agenda, and you deserve to be stabbed in the heart for bullshitting to people en masse.


File: 0ca7ce359eabcc8⋯.jpg (73.55 KB, 606x759, 202:253, asian girl reading.jpg)


>Freud is still the peak of scientific methodology practiced by psychologists

No he is not. Freud is maybe kind of respected by a few psychologists here and there but everything he said was nonsense.

Not that modern psychology is free from judaism but modern jewry is more advanced than Freud's "yo mama" approach.



No lies were posted, just an article based on some evidence and logical questions to think about. You decide whether it's "just a coincidence" and do what you see fit.

As far as you claiming I'm "pushing an agenda", no I'm not you nitwit. There is no agenda to push by simply providing information. I posted a news article at /n/. That does not necessarily mean people have to agree with the information provided.


File: 21dd425a0086aa8⋯.jpg (43 KB, 960x539, 960:539, kakyoin laugh.jpg)


>No lies were posted, just an article based on some evidence and logical questions to think about.

Now that's just an outright lie, there. Points for bold faced lying, but you should be shanked twice instead of once for such behavior.



Let me explain this in a way that your autistic fucking brain can understand.

When 20 Amish people dies they bury them straightaway.

When 20 regular people dies they have autopsies.

Now which group do you think is more likely to have a higher rate of


heart disease? What you are unable to grasp since you are a single minded dipshit in the safe space of holistic medicine is that these people are diagnosed far less often because -they dont go to the fucking doctor.- It has nothing to do with whether or not they are vaccinated.


My son is gay and autistic. Does anyone know if there are amish orphanages I can drop him off at?



Just as gullible and ignorant as always, /shillcen/.

Are vaccines your big thing to obsess about now? It was the U.S. giving land to China as "collateral" for U.S. debt, but you got humiliated so many times about that that you finally moved on. It will be amusing if this is the subject you've chosen to not know fucking anything about now.

As always, your antics are great.



>It WAS a compound that contained mercury, and to elemental mercury. There is a huge difference.

You're right, but environmental mercury especially in the water near urban areas is a problem when it comes to autism, methinks.

And don't forget the endocrine disruption in our food and water that can also turn young boys into effective sperglords.



Don't forget that fact that a disturbing amount of women forgo breastfeeding their infants.



Disown him.


File: 989f8c01c691116⋯.jpg (68.22 KB, 649x434, 649:434, the black community.jpg)


>Son is gay and autistic

>Spends time posting on /n/ instead of rasing a kid

You're a shit father and should be ashamed. He's a faggot because he looked at you and thought "that's not a nice person".

Go raise your children you nigger.









>archive for the thread

>archive about how drugging your kids destroy their learning ability


File: 9a3fa92cbb70cd8⋯.png (766.26 KB, 1498x2428, 749:1214, 1323453156.png)

Also here, have an highly important anti shill image that you should post everywhere to spread awareness and give people the tools to fight back

this is what shills seem to be pushing on every board. why may that be?

>on /ck/ they shill monsanto shit and try to make people eat gmo's and pesticide "enriched" foods and fanatically try to convince people they don't deserve to know what they are buying so foods in the store should "never" be labled. (promoting corn syrup, gmo soy, roundup, yellow 5, and other additves or unhealthy foods as safe or healthy)

>on /fit/ they give bad advice on purpose that will get people hurt or sick (dentist threads promoting vaccines, mercury dental fillings, fluoride)

>on both /ck/ and /fit/ they shoot down and make a scape goat meme out of vegans who try to share their success stories on how they got healthy eating their veg "wow vegans are such gay fairies and sissy wimps! here eat some unhealthy shit like a man"

>on /tech/ they always say "well hue hue guys its okay that I use windows 10" "here use intel" "I love google chrome"

>on /v/ they want people to give money to EA and Ubisoft and Microsoft and Sony and Activision and Bethesda

>on /pol/ they shill obvious things like "stop knowing things you shouldn't know", attempting to trick people into accepting mainstream promoted AAA ideas and kosher thoughts and thread slide all the good threads all the way to the bottom at alarming speeds so that topics that they don't approve of are not seen, and if thread sliding fails they create arguments and disrupt all civilized discussion in the thread until the thread reaches the bump limit and disappears.

>on /x/ they are always being skeptical or claiming others are crazy or paranoid

>on /n/ they shit everything up and prevent real discussion about news

>on /newsplus/ they post the "real news" (only "certified" "special" "people" are allowed to post "real" "news" threads)

>on /cuteboys/ they tell everyone the risk of getting HIV is 1% or "you would have to fuck 92 people to get aids" so that they trick people into having unsafe sex and getting HIV - they also try to trick them into eating herbs that cause liver failure and killing the sex drive like chasteberries and other dangerous things.

>on every board they always say "wow this is the 10th thread on this exact topic! stop posting it!" (ask for evidence of this) "we already have a thread on this! stop posting it!" (ask for proof) "this isn't important! stop talking about it!" "there's this other important thing you should talk about instead of this, stop talking about it!"

>Missing from your list is /k/. Do they avoid that board?

>What are they gonna shill on /k/? Gun control? That'll never fly. Anytime things do get political over there it becomes pretty clear where /k/ lies on the political spectrum. And it's gonna be a lot harder to budge them with constant disinfo and D&C shit since that board isn't for discussing politics, so spam is easy to spot and shut down.

don't automatically assume that shills on /k/ are impossible. shills offer bad or tricky advice everywhere they go.

be careful anyway.

on all boards they tell everyone to "take your meds" to which everyone replies "bake your breads" or "we already took the red pill"

anyone who disagrees with them or calls them out on their bullshit gets a bunch of scripted SJW type replies like "oh you are just intolerant/uneducated/too young/too old/too stupid/ too this/ too that/ not good enough/"

anyone else notice this trend?


updated archive to include anti shill post


Your first thought is vaccacines, but not to consider diet and lifestyle?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hi, Shillcen. Nice schizophrenic wall of text.


>Rarely Get Autism, Cancer or Heart Disease

because they never visit a doctor its never even get registred.


File: 2d03029f7a5c875⋯.jpg (23.93 KB, 280x261, 280:261, squid.jpg)




>being this stupid




Successful brainwashing complete.


Funny how there was no autism, aspergers or the other fake fruitcake chemically induced states of mild idiocy - nor was cancer even that common 100 years ago.

All that shit comes from the modern lifestyle, which has also rendered you unable to think any thought that hasn't been directly fed into your shit-sponge of a brain.



>this stupid

You realise that

a) the population of the planet was half of what it was 100 years ago, meaning the cases of autism and assburgers rarely ever happened

b) we didn't know what autism or assburgers were 100 years ago, they were just called retarded or inbred or something



c) nobody would report cases of autism because it would lead to being outcasted

d) you forgot to sage properly you autistic newfag

e) you have not made a single statement backed up by any facts that you can prove

f) is more up to your speed

g) try harder faggot it's just been you alone in this thread with 2 other autists who haven't proven shit












Ok, you're totally not insane or anything.



>The Amish (who don’t get vaccinated) Rarely Get Autism

Its not a coincidence.

Its simply the fact that they get married and have children at an earlier age.

So the women are in their late teens and twenties when they have kids which produces much better outcomes for the child.

My mom was old when she had me and Im autismal as fuck


Hahaha fuckwit having a tantrum - really enjoyable to watch.

Funny how you ignored the cancer completely.

Population was 2 billion 100 years ago - that means there would be 1/3 of the cases, when there were in fact ZERO autists or aspergers.

States of mental retardation were carefully studied at that time, and was a highly developed science.



File: 2bd47b8752f0044⋯.png (140.91 KB, 439x290, 439:290, jewish tricks.png)


>States of mental retardation were carefully studied at that time, and was a highly developed science.

You know everybody reading your posts knows you're lying right?

If anything you've been saying is true you'd have posted sources or evidence, to state that "States of mental retardation were carefully studied at that time, and was a highly developed science" is just an outright unremitting lie, you are a liar.

>Population was 2 billion 100 years ago - that means there would be 1/3 of the cases

That's not how maths works.

The evidence you're using to prove that autism never happened is flawed because nobody recorded autism as "autism" back then, because if you knew anything about autism you'd know that it has only recently been able to properly ascertain if somebody has autism or not.

Autism is a spectrum, you don't just "have" it, some people display no autistic tendencies and are the most autistic people you know, some people have outright autism but are normalfags.

You don't know, stop pretending to know.



>what is herd immunity



>Funny how there was no autism, aspergers or the other fake fruitcake chemically induced states of mild idiocy - nor was cancer even that common 100 years ago.


People didnt believe that lesbians exist 100 years ago.

Although some people argue they still dont exist and its just straight women being kinky to tantalize men.



Recent studies have shown that 'lesbians' simply don't exist.

With your line of comparison, you could say "people didn't believe that computer programmers existed 100 years ago".

Societally based psychological problems are nothing to do with science.



You´re all over the place, but still maintain that you are the "Faggot with a private thread that no one can respond to because it's my private party and if anyone joins then I'LL SCREAM!!!!!"

Still haven't approached that cancer point, eh. Don't worry if you are afraid, it is natural.

Autism didn't exist 100 years ago. Find one mention of it.

Mental illness, and the study of it, and specialised hospitals for it - did exist.

So did successful treatments.

Funny how there is not one single treatment for autism or aspergers - due to them being chemically induced in the first place.



>With your line of comparison, you could say "people didn't believe that computer programmers existed 100 years ago".

Well the first computer was programmed 160 years ago (Babbages difference engine).

So I dont think that is a great example.

But I do think we are arguing the same point.

The fact that people didnt believe in things 100 years go doesnt mean they didnt exist.

Doesnt mean they do exist either of course.



>I didn't have any diseases, therefore vaccines are useless

You'd change your mind very quickly, if you caught diphtheria you fucking mong


Because Amish people going to bring their autistic children to actual doctor for actual examination.

Naw, they gonna put him/her as the quite one in the group.



My friend had smallpox as a kid. Hes 60 now so he was born just a bit before the vaccine became common and the disease was eradicated.

He has to have an operation every few years because of the complications. In the most recent one they fused all the bones in his spine together so his back would be more straight.

He almost died on the operating table because of loss of fluids during a 10 hour operation.

He did OK I guess because 80% of people die from smallpox.



>a) the population of the planet was half of what it was 100 years ago, meaning the cases of autism and assburgers rarely ever happened

People discuss the rate of diagnoses, not the amount of them, you fucking retard.

And if the world was half as populated 100 years ago, shouldn't there have been half as much autism? No way Jose, there was far less.



Amish also don't do drugs, laze around all diggity damned day, or drink alcohol/any other type of legal drug. Nor do they expose their children and kin to outsiders infected with the flu on the subway.

Also, it's been stated about the mercury compound and what not already, but I'll save my breath. This is fake news at its finest ladies and gentlecucks…..

Lest ye forget that a great number OF EPIDEMIC diseases were ERADICATED due heart and soul solely to vaccinations!




These two fall under The Dissmissive.


File: 3bb638a1817d103⋯.jpg (38.48 KB, 569x480, 569:480, 3bb638a1817d103892ca05085f….jpg)

their entire religion is pure unfiltered autism



Send him to a euthanasia clinic



Of all the people being told to take their meds, you are the only one that really needs them.




I'm no expert, but isn't autism hereditary? I am pretty sure that it is not something that can be caught.


File: 1a4f61dbef9c026⋯.jpg (103.55 KB, 640x640, 1:1, trap card.jpg)

They don't get exposed to plastics either.

Fuck off OP vaccines don't cause autism.



Get your head examined.



Looks like you might be suffering from paranoid delusions, no secret agency is stalking you on the internet you dumb son if a bitch.



>Mental illness is a disease /killcen/

No,it's a degenerate human weakness.

Stay away from those peas /killcen/



Why am I not totally fucking surprised about this? My God it's like they work for a special firm hired by government agencies (to which also would not come as any surprise either).

I really hope their full-time shilling jobs will go away very soon. I hope shilling is part of the swamp that will soon be drained of all funding.



Blah, blah, blah…. /killcen/ is just their boogeyman. A scapegoat to blame everything they don't agree with, literally 24/7. Ignore these shills and keep posting news without mercy.



No!!! IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING, YOU SHILL TROLL!!! FBI CTR CIA freech /int/ /intl/ government disinfo agent shill trolls who are all ONE PERSON named "sage" are trying to discredit me on this blog!!!!!

I'm prepped but I bet your not prepped. And when IT HAPPENS I'm not going to share any of my preps with you and I'll laugh at your and your wife and kids will come to live with me in my bunker and I won't be lonely anymore. Ha!!!!



You're just mad that I posted your theme song, /shillcen/.


this isn't really a coincidence, I'd say the way they live is a healthier lifestyle by leaps and bounds compared to the average person



It's part of it. They also eat home grown, fresh, organic REAL food everyday

t. former amish


They also live much healthier lifestyles in general.



There are definitely shills here, but I don't think they're responsible for everything you seem to think they are. Some of it, though.




No, the world population was less than 1 billion in 1945, today it's 7.3 billion.




>he cant sage

>he's a luddite

Just kill yourself already.



> there were in fact ZERO autists or aspergers




>It was the U.S. giving land to China as "collateral" for U.S. debt

So what was BLM forcing ranchers and other peoples off their giant plots of lands with bullshit legislation for decades then, schlomo?

Also you must be having a blast replying to to nearly every single thread thinking it is him every single time there's a post for news on this shit board. It must suck to have autism, and I am sorry you have to deal with it due to your vaccinations. ;^(




>inbreeding causes good health

well you cant have it both ways

either inbreeding is bad or vaccines that arent needed and loaded with mercury and other heavy metals fuck your health

so which is it



a joke of a concept that doesnt even apply to anything that doesnt mutate as fast as the flu - because 1 kid being infected wont relese a new flu strain on others to which they dont have the vaccine

yet for the flu it also doesnt apply because 100% of people would have to be vaccinated or 1 kid gettng the flu would make herd immunity be absolutely zero to new strains being released once passing some generations in his body

herd immunity is a collectivists wet dream that ignores all science and comes from ignorance of biology



many amish come to town to buy tractor parts

they dont reject all contact with outsiders



Yes you fucking retard, thatt's because

1º They don't get the diagnosis, they just die

2º They don't get OTHER things, like, you know POLLUTION (that thing you retards still deny) and poisoned food

and, by the way, this is not your personal blog don't spam your supid conspiranoias over here, this is /n/, if you want to post this bullshit go to /pol/



Naturalmews a a source. Holy fuck you all deserve to die


File: 28e7239c6211328⋯.png (20.26 KB, 894x601, 894:601, Correlations for retards.png)

>people who work hard in the fields and forge all day and eat nothing but natural fruit, veg and meat are healthier than your average 25 stone amerifat with a terminal McDonald's addiction

>people who don't believe in CT scanners don't get diagnosed with cancer

>people who think psychology is the devil's work don't get DIAGNOSED with autism

Anon you're a fucking retard. There's a correlation here and it's between being leading a wholesome, healthy lifestyle and not getting heart disease. Another correlation is between BEING UNABLE TO DIAGNOSE HEART DISEASE AND CANCER WITH A FUCKING ANVIL AND WOODEN CART. The fuck do you think doctors do when they diagnose cancer? They just rub their hand somewhere that's a bit lumpy and go "Oh no its cancer Mrs. Doobleydoo, we're going to have to give you this mercury infused cancer vaccine to save your life but also give you autism!". NO. It has to be scanned using an imaging medium like CT or Ultrasound, which the amish don't have, a doctor has to take a sample of it, which I doubt the amish can do, and it has to be studied by an oncologist to define what kind of cancer it is, which the amish have no fucking hope of doing. Same with heart disease.

You're looking for a relationship between negative shit and vaccines because of your tinfoil hat bullshit. So you impose one even in the face of a myriad other more reasonable explanations.

And don't get me started on the retards in this thread going "MUH MERCURY!". CT departments all over the world are currently pumping hundreds of milliliters of iodine directly into people's blood streams, way over the safe amount people are ever meant to have in their blood. People in hospitals are drinking whole cans of the deadly poison barium so that the evil doctors can see their guts.

But you see some clever faggot bound iodine and barium, which in high doses can just fucking kill you outright, to other things and they became magically COMPLETELY BENIGN. IT'S ALMOST LIKE CHEMISTS AND PHARMACISTS KNOW THAT X MATERIAL IS TOXIC AND THEY SHOULD BIND IT WITH SOMETHING ELSE TO MAKE IT NON-TOXIC. THEY CAN DO THAT YOU KNOW.

The fuck is wrong with you people. Read a fucking book. I thought you wouldn't get my point so I drew you a fucking graph.



>who cares? take it to /pol/

This isn't shilling, retard. This is wanting you to take your tinfoil hat and long empty bottle of meds and fuck off back to your containment board so people can actually discuss shit related to the board.



>Blah, blah, blah…. /killcen/ is just their boogeyman. A scapegoat to blame everything they don't agree with, literally 24/7. Ignore these shills and keep posting news without mercy.

ok /killcen/


File: e9d8d0f4e8984c3⋯.jpg (148.82 KB, 600x300, 2:1, killcen's kin.jpg)



You are fucking stupid.

Here is some research based on the Danish population that directly counters your argument

>Conclusions. The discontinuation of thimerosal-containing vaccines in Denmark in 1992 was followed by an increase in the incidence of autism. Our ecological data do not support a correlation between thimerosal-containing vaccines and the incidence of autism.

Secondly, there is also research that suggest that autism is linked to genetics. A simple google docs search on autism will show you that.

As far as I know autism is related to environmental effects but not mercury substances.

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