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File: fb2fd750b961e4c⋯.jpg (55.3 KB, 900x615, 60:41, Apo.jpg)


Based Apo edition

>what is Rojava?

The Democratic Federal System of Northern Syria, also called Rojava, is a region in northern Syria that has become self-governing in the wake of the Syrian Civil War.

>why should /leftypol/ care?

The ideology of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the leading party in the coalition which currently governs Rojava, is a libertarian socialist strain of thought called Communalism. Communalism was developed by the American ex-anarchist Murray Bookchin and later attracted the attention of Abdullah Öcalan, the imprisoned leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in Turkey. From there, the ideology spread to the predominantly Kurdish Rojava.

>so they're Kurdish nationalists?

Kurdish nationalist parties have a presence in Rojava, but the aforementioned governing coalition is multiethnic. Arabs, Assyrians, and other minorities are present in Rojava, and strives have been made to represent these groups in the politics of Rojava.


File: c597df6534ef96d⋯.png (304.21 KB, 580x402, 290:201, chairmanjeb.png)




File: 3de9cf4074e73bc⋯.png (213 KB, 884x461, 884:461, Untitled.png)


Turkey's incursion was launched to prevent just that. SAA are moving to block Euphrates Shield from going any further south though, and in doing so they will link up with Manbij SDF territory.

If post war negotiations go well, YPG could travel through regime held areas and de facto connect the cantons that way.

Turkey pretty much intends to induct all that Euphrates Shield territory into Turkey, they've already erected Erdogan posters in Jarabulus and are teaching the kids Turkish.



>Turkey pretty much intends to induct all that Euphrates Shield territory into Turkey, they've already erected Erdogan posters in Jarabulus and are teaching the kids Turkish.

Fuuark. Really?




So much for Recep 'Assimiliation is a crime against humanity.' Erdogan


File: ff762e6eed949d1⋯.jpg (14.49 KB, 600x384, 25:16, ENOUGH.jpg)

Erdogan assassination and Turkish civil war when?



soon I hope



"Assimilation is bad unless we enforce it in their homes" kek



If people seriously do wanna help Rojava (doesn't necessarily mean actually fighting) you can get sponsors to get into Rojava. They need builders, teachers, and others to help their revolution as much as they need soldiers.

I'd love to be able to help, but only after hostilities have ended in Syria personally. I don't fancy fighting the fucking Turks (and their NATO lapdogs) of all people. I'll probably be of more use after finishing university.






I will not be happy until Erdogan is hung upside from a meathook in Istanbul, Mussolini-style



PKK gonna resume their war in Turkish Kurdistan very soon. Might even be an outright uprising there if Turkey invades Manbij or Efrin. Apparently PKK don't really fight in the winter and just spend those months chilling in the mountains and stockpiling weapons and supplies.



>civil war spreads to Turkey and a socialist faction (on friendly terms with Rojava) arises

>discontent because of recession in Greece sparks a revolution as rebels are armed by their comrades from Turkey which are armed by comrades from Syria

>spreads to Balkan

>fear of socialist revolution in Western Europe turns liberals into fascists

>accelerationism does what it should, the populist right dies and all workers become radical leftists

>revolution in western europe



check 1:05

pretty fucking sure Turkey didn't even train these guys, they just went into refugee camps in Turkey, gave military age males some guns and said "ahmed, you are soldier now, go liberate al bab"






I know supressive fire is a thing but this just looks retarded



I think they also scaled back attacks as they are kinda without a plan rn(YPS failed despite spectacular resistance) and because they dont want to play into Erdos hand to much with the aproaching referendum. There is allways the possibillity for some TAK idiocy though.

With the destruction of the HDP and the approaching dictatorship PKK is in a pretty good longterm position though.



The footage of them shooting seems so staged


File: bbe632478cc5638⋯.jpg (145.26 KB, 788x442, 394:221, Cizre-olaylar-main.jpg)


>With the destruction of the HDP and the approaching dictatorship PKK is in a pretty good longterm position though.


>“They cannot discipline us by taking our bread from our hands,” Mahmut said. “We want our collective rights. They don’t want any democratic space for anyone, they destroyed every peaceful means and our young people, they have no other solution, they’re going to the mountain, there is no other way.”

> “Every day my friends are going to the mountain, teachers, lawyers, doctors, so many,” he said. “There is no one who believes in talking anymore.”

>“Going to the mountain” is what people say here about joining the P.K.K., whose redoubts are in the rugged mountains of northern Iraq. Nearly every family in Kurdistan has someone up there, or knows someone, or has had someone come back down, to be buried.


File: 72d5d37f38e132f⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1074x1598, 537:799, leftypolreading.png)



>>civil war spreads to Turkey and a socialist faction (on friendly terms with Rojava) arises

Already the case. There's been a civil war in Turkey's South East for a while now. Whereas TEV-DEM is to Rojava, the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) is to South Eastern Turkey, or as the Kurds call it "Bakur". The two books on democratic confederalism in this picture give more info on this.



Are the Kurds making any progress at all?



In Turkey they have been brutally supressed and massacred. The Turkish state has reduced entire towns to rubble, and cities into warzones.


File: 5655755f9ca5bb8⋯.jpg (60.48 KB, 1000x529, 1000:529, plans.jpg)

Turks have said that they will set up a terror-free zone in northern Syria and pic related is there plan on doing this.

However this isn't the first time they have threatened to invade Rojava so they are probably just throwing threats around to keep the FSA on their toes. That being said I don't think that the AKP would hesitate to invade Rojava through Tell Abyad if they could.



Why Tell Abyad?



>they've been fighting since November to take one small city from Daesh

>they think they're going to go through Daesh and SDF territory to take Raqqa

This is unironically hilarious. How fucking delusional do they think they are? Not to mention by the time they'd actually be able to capture Al-Bab the SAA would be in their way.



/r/ing dump of all Rojavan Mad Max vehicles




>Bzaah retaken by IS

Are the Turks even trying?




That's two in quick succession from Gutman. In the last one he claimed the YPG staged the siege of Kobani. In this one he claims the YPG are blocking the border with KRG themselves, yeah that's right, enforcing a crippling economic embargo on themselves, willingly.

Clearly AKP sponsored. Look at all his other articles too, Assad scare mongering interventionist bait.


File: 989955e9a723a54⋯.jpg (901.19 KB, 2042x1266, 1021:633, FDVCGvn.jpg)

>NEW MAP (acc. to geolocation from recent #ISIS footage): #Turkey and its proxies are deadlocked in #AlBab and losing ground to #ISIS. #Syria

>ISIS reversed most of the gains of Euphrates Shield in Al-Bab (area marked in blue) according to geolocation from IS videos.

it keeps happening



>I don't care if Erdogan takes al-Bab

lel it Turkey gets hold of al-Bab YPG is completely fucked, I hope PissPig returns before he gets killed



Roy is based out of Istanbul…



biji wiji man



Turkey will take Al Bab eventually, but it won't be a crippling blow to the YPG. It'll just mean another few tough years for Afrin.


File: cc09676bc01b5a0⋯.pdf (859.97 KB, Bookchin-The_Next_Revoluti….pdf)


Check out this collection of writings by Bookchin comrade.



PissPig implied this guy was being funded by Turkey


>#Syria #FSA try to storm #SDF held Maranaz village west of #Azaz now

you really gonna do this "FSA"? not a fucking wise choice but go ahead



how/why is Turkey so fucking incompetent

i mean, is it on purpose?



Turkey scatters and retreats at the first signs of serious ISIS resistance to avoid casualties. Car bombs have wreaked havoc on Turkish soldiers so far and they're really spooked now.

The Turks are in an awkward place between committing and not committing to taking Al Bab and the rebels they've brought along are just untrained canon fodder refugees.



When PissPig kept saying "we have no connection to the PKK", was he being saracastic?

Can someone help clue me in, on what exactly the PKK is in an unbiased fashion?



I think he was being very sarcastic with that, also with whatever it is "in the mountains"



PKK and YPG are sister organisations and there's a good degree of overlap between them, but they are are different groups.

He was doing the wink wink shit about the PKK because the PKK are seen as a terrorist organisations by some countries, so the YPG's relationship with the PKK is always downplayed for them to get more international support and better PR.



I think he was rightfully covering his ass. The US considers the PKK terrorists.



what he's referring to re mountains


File: 7da405e4807f474⋯.jpg (3.97 MB, 4672x4189, 4672:4189, yespls.jpg)


PKK is the OG Kurdish Worker's Party centralized within south-east Turkey and northern Iraq; they're officially labeled as a terrorist organization by NATO. They were also the ones who originally received the what's what on behalf of Abdullah Öcalan to stop being a buncha Marxist-Leninist edgelords and embrace grumpy old man ideology. Turns out unlike their Syrian counterparts they've been having some trouble here and there, ethnic cleansing and all that; which is what makes Rojava so special because despite the Kurdish Nationalism carried over by their Marxist-Leninist roots, they still remain a grossly polyethnic region.



I don't think they've done anything of the ethnic cleansing variety recently though have they? I tend to view the PKK pre and post Marxist Leninist as almost different organisations. When you compare them now to their behaviour in the 90s and such (probably when ethnic cleansing was done) I think there's a marked difference. I understand you don't get to bury your past like that though.





That's about the KRG.



They're a militant group who have broken the law in pursuit of their political aims. Whether they're terrorists or freedom fighters depends on whether you agree with them or not.



Very good and informative. As someone new to leftism, this helped me to better understand Rojava and also the idea of getting rid of the state (I think).


File: dfed2a2dc392af6⋯.jpg (1.89 MB, 1073x782, 1073:782, 7091184-10857506.jpg)

File: c8691cdc0b9929a⋯.jpg (38.42 KB, 598x349, 598:349, B1BY5feIIAASeBa.jpg)

File: 6335ae294fd2031⋯.jpg (30.45 KB, 850x315, 170:63, b0f38239-3fff-4142-a993-81….jpg)

File: 62dd29c2b0a974a⋯.jpg (8.58 KB, 301x167, 301:167, 56556.jpg)

File: b7d11cd608296f9⋯.jpg (84.91 KB, 629x599, 629:599, 5981264-8917378.jpg)

That feel when 20 years from now we will kick out the pan-arabist leaders from North Africa and re-adopt communalism.



Could you explain how that work in North Africa?



how that would*



Communes or a revolution?





Shit dawg. As a lefty who loves guns and always wanted to join the military save all the stupid wars and causes (now fighting for Donald Trump) that would entail. I should really consider signing up. By the end of this year I'll probably be at the end of my rope anyway, working a shit job without much of a future. Im going to do some more research on this, but shit. This might be go time for me.


File: e6783255e9199ae⋯.jpg (910.73 KB, 2111x3206, 2111:3206, IMG_0132.JPG)


Whoops. Forgot pic? Am I going to have to stick to AK pattern rifles or can I bring my AR and loot ammo off dead ISIS fighters?



There's no legal way to ship weapons to the middle east, so you'd almost certainly end up with an AK or whatever it is they have on hand. Unless you know a buddy who can sneak your tacticool AR-15 with you so you can show people the art of the tactical carbine




lolno Honestly it's a 500 dollar PSA parts rifle that probably wouldn't last two weeks in the middle east anyway. Just kind of wish I got an AK so I could pre-train better.



if you're very comfortable with an AR-pattern rifle, it'll be a little tough to relearn your instincts on for instance popping in magazines but you'll probably get used to it quickly enough



The PKK have in the past and still on occasion engage in genuine terrorism. Of course, so had the anti-apartheid forces in South Africa.



Why would you want that? Pan Arabism made those countries strong. People like Nasser were great leaders.



Can I get some context on these pics? Are these all kurd groups spread through north africa or something?


File: e61f9eb45c0ba18⋯.jpg (26.88 KB, 400x400, 1:1, e61f9eb45c0ba182827e3c23e2….jpg)


>muh stronk country


File: 105b833a95d5729⋯.png (97.76 KB, 1530x596, 765:298, Untitled.png)


Vast majority of their attacks these days are on Turkish security forces, and they're devastatingly effective.

There's an offshoot group called TAK that sometimes does bombings in cities, but even still they seem to mostly target security forces.



I think they're berber groups, native pre-arab people of north africa.



If I were you I would not trust the bourgeois sources on the casualty statistics but instead pay attention to the media on various pro-PKK outlets


File: 14ed4ae22c64c3d⋯.png (523.81 KB, 1600x860, 80:43, GMiL rojava.png)


>national liberation thread

>more images of national liberation posted




are there any leftists who support the FSA though, for real


File: b82f1c0e782dd19⋯.jpg (22.24 KB, 663x655, 663:655, muh peshmerga.jpg)


Yes. It's called a "Marxist"-"Leninist", more commonly known as "tankie" or "Stalinist". Also, there's the leftists with amnesia who supported the FSA. That is, before they found out about the Kurdish national liberation movement "revolution" and jumped to the next big meme that will either not be around in 5 years or will be yet another Cuba-style petro-populist nation state entirely sanctioned by local bourgeoisie.



literally never seen an ML supporting the rebels but okay mr leftcom



Then you haven't look hard enough. And there's even better: MLs who support Islamic State over the SDF



Islamic state isn't the FSA



I said

>And there's even better

before mention ISIL in tankie support groups, so I know.



I know, still yet to see a single tankie that isn't pro-Assad or gone full retard like your link.




>hey, the Kurds have a national identity that they wish to keep, since, you know, they have no country of their own and the Turks have been oppresing them since forever

>how can you possibly support THOSE guys, despite the fact that they are also leftist revolutionaries and they openly accept volunteers from any country as well as women in their ranks as equal to men

>they are not real leftists

What a dick, that's his second comic about YPG-PKK and it's the same shit.


So, theoretically, if I wanted to join the YPG and I'm from eastern-europe. How much money would I need to get to Sulaymaniyah?



The guy who wrote that article is based out of Istanbul and either extremely biased or being paid by the MIT.

Here's a good article about how flawed his reporting on the conflict has been.


File: 1d68b0a0e2e7dfb⋯.jpeg (112.95 KB, 800x534, 400:267, 'freedom fighters'.jpeg)


terrorist is a politically charged term

one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist.



I don't know where in Eastern Europe you're from but I just did a quick check on skyscanner to see how much it would cost to fly from Poland to Sulaymaniyah and you can get flights from as low as €214. Once you get to Sulaymaniyah you have to wait in a hotel for a bit so probably another bit of spending money just to be safe and you're probably set.


File: 2ec8a852b8c0f16⋯.jpg (130.84 KB, 622x813, 622:813, fjvGNW6.jpg)

File: eb2672494ce8556⋯.jpg (96.61 KB, 640x448, 10:7, z8XDAhR.jpg)

damn even YBS has foreigners



thanks for the skyscanner tip, from here it's more expensive, but still manageable, if I can spare for like a year



They have not engaged in targeting civilians since the late 90s when Öcalan got his ass arrested and realised that terrorism doesn't really get anything done.

Thus a more radical splinter group called the TAK (Kurdish Freedom Falcons) pursued terrorist activities whilst the PKK did not. However the Turkish government conveniently claims that there is not difference between the groups, despite the groups never talk to each other and other clear differences.

I assure you that if you look up recent so-called "PKK terrorist attacks" 99% of the time it was the TAK. Basically the PKK are not terrorists but have unfortunately engaged in terrorist activities in the past.


File: 17573a974b7a86f⋯.jpg (57.18 KB, 620x310, 2:1, page_bahceli-erdogan39a-so….jpg)

Ocalan's cell on İmralı island.

Looks pretty comfy tbh.



>solitary confinement




File: 3ef0c0c3ce9b3af⋯.jpg (91.98 KB, 768x768, 1:1, bIs0GQEc9Mg81Bd8_XbmQgJzo0….jpg)

File: 7c4460163d8c5c4⋯.jpg (385.55 KB, 1828x2048, 457:512, 34D7lxO.jpg)


Oh of course it's not optimal. I'm just surprised they allow him books and writing utensils.


File: 3077c201e17428b⋯.jpg (71.67 KB, 788x685, 788:685, 307.jpg)



>mfw petty booj NATO-backed Yankee Zionist psyop ethno-separatist mercs attempt to destroy the legitimately elected Syrian government and Syrian socialism



Ok thank you, this is the best explanation I've gotten.

So are the YPG and PKK actively affiliated, and just keep it on the downlow?



kinda sorta



>legitimately elected



File: 66084e636f74008⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 314x178, 157:89, pkk messing with goats.gif)


YPG never downplay or disavow their connections with PKK because they're their comrades. It's mainly the US who's scrambling to downplay the YPG/PKK connection because they're giving the former airstrikes whilst saying the latter are terrorists.



Got it. So it's a way to balance support of YPG, with support of Turkey.

Also, please reply the link of that silly video.




Gutman wrote a response, and Aymenn wrote a good response to that:



another good debunking article

how the fuck did Gutman win a Pulitzer prize is what I'm wondering


File: 6cf27c6ec433be7⋯.png (152.93 KB, 1028x972, 257:243, 2017-02-15 19.01.26.png)


You can't make this shit up



>not getting 99.87% of the vote in your elections

do you even democracy dawg



i'm pretty convinced red kahina and phil greaves *are* the CIA psyop they keep accusing others of being



I'm genuinely terrified that there are people out there who unironically believe in "muh 99.999%", and are allowed to drive.



Lol PissPig replied to a RedKahina conspiracy thread and…good lord, these larper tankies are beyond delusional.



almost certainly, constantly accusing others is a classic trick to seem less conspicuous except la cia doesn't know shit about not looking like a parody


Quite strange. Turkish officials this morning have come out and said Al Bab operation is finished and it's completely captured. Despite only holding about 20% of the city.




I'm a tankie (If you mean ML) but I don't mind the YPG

I think in the long term democratic confederalism will not withstand a barrage the way a socialist state can though



I differentiate between tankies and regular MLs. Tankies are a certain autistic and retarded type of ML. And after all there's plenty of ML fighting in Rojava.


Very important question: How is the gf situation in Rojava – if you go there to fight, will you get a qt Kurdish gf?



You wont. If you settle down, learn Kurdish, integrate and find a good job you have a chance to marry one though.

YPG/J fighters are in celibacy if they werent married before they joined. Society is prude af, and casual dating isnt a thing. Sex before marriage is frowned upon. And your bullshit wont be tollerated just because you are a foreigner.



that doesn't sound very libertarian



YPG and PKK fighter talking about the celibacy thing. Talks about it in far more nuance than PissPig



Its better than before when child marriages, honor killings, polygamy, easy divorce for men but impossible for women, violence against women and massive sexism where the norm. Thanks to YPJ, Kongreya Star and others these have been almost eliminated. With increased economical independence(agressivly pushed through womens cooperatives) female sexuality will become more visible soon imo.



It's probably a pragmatic measure to prevent the constant internal jealousy and squabbling that would be caused by sexual relationships. It's sensible.



Fuck off. These women are fighting for their existence. They aren't props for you to salivate over.



And having your fighters, you know, not fighting due to the burdens of pregnancy.



It has more to do with sexual inequality in relationships in the middle-east.

They're already talking about how to fix this problem, but so far they haven't found any real solutions, so so far they've deemed that celibacy is the best way of insuring that there is no dominance over women.




When ever the women fighting for Rojava are brought up, someone always starts fetishizing them.



and someone always plays a whiteknight for them kek


File: 05aadd87c7ceb1d⋯.jpg (56.54 KB, 960x540, 16:9, kobane.jpg)

File: 78905784333efd4⋯.jpg (63.09 KB, 960x540, 16:9, kobane1.jpg)

File: 47be4963b89716b⋯.jpg (71.19 KB, 960x540, 16:9, kobane2.jpg)

File: a0070fca6ffca2b⋯.jpg (96.12 KB, 720x960, 3:4, afrin.jpg)

File: adcb3e5801eee4e⋯.jpg (99.99 KB, 720x960, 3:4, afrin1.jpg)

Rebuilding in Kobani and new construction in Afrin going on atm.

Nice to see.


File: 657003a44cb28a6⋯.jpg (20.44 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1482092948363.jpg)


Is Assad beelining for Palmyra?



looks like it. Palmyra in and of itself is pretty unimportant strategically, but it'll help if they want to break the siege on DeZ. Palmyra's real value lied in the propaganda it produced from all its ruins and history. Even that's gone now as ISIS have destroyed all that.



Pretty much. dating and stuff might lead to jealousy and infighting in the ranks. Your gun should be the only pipe shooting stuff in a battlefield.



What's up with ISIS holding a small part of Damascus?



Old refugee camp turned city where Nusra fights against ISIS and both ignore the SAA around them. So no one really cares about it.


Me and a couple of gomrades are working on going over there in a year and a half. This is what the form looks like for volunteers


We are glad to hear that you want to come to Rojava and support the YPG.

This is a standard procedure we follow in order to determine whether you seriously consider to come here. In order to proceed to our communication, you are expected to answer the questions below. If we know you better, we would figure out how you would help us during your stay here. This is not a one sided phase. The more we know you, the more you will be informed about our principles, our expectations and about the challenges you will face. We do not want you to be disappointed and frustrated here. We highly value those who want to offer their solidarity and struggle with us shoulder on shoulder against the enemies of humanity in the name of freedom and justice.

The YPG strives for a democratic, ecologic, and anti-patriarchal system of self-organisation; it takes its power from the peoples and fights for the peoples. We struggle to defend the dignity of being a human when there is no one around to defend it and to create an ethico-political

society in order to realize ideals of equality, justice, freedom, and self-determination. We wage a war against all forms of fascism and

capitalist hegemony that try to enslave the peoples and destroy the nature. We get our inspiration from the philosophy of Serok APO whose

ideas have become a torch in the jungle of oppression for the poor and the downtrodden; not only in Kurdistan but also in all around the world.

The YPG is more than a military force. It is a revolutionary organization that protects the transformation towards the ethico-political society against its external and internal enemies in accordance with the principles of democratic confederalism. So its fundamental mission is to defend the people and the Rojava Revolution. Based on the philosophy of Serok APO, the YPG struggles for a free and democratic Syria where tolerance towards other political views, religions, sects, ethnicities, cultures, and languages is a fundamental value. In this sense the YPG is democratic and legitimate self-defense force against hegemonic assaults of capitalist modernity and against pathological ideologies such as ISIS that had been produced by the capitalist modernity itself along with a deep crisis in the Middle East.

The YPG is one of the forces in the Middle East that offers an alternative to capitalist modernity and its freakish products: the

solution of democratic modernity. This alternative solution is not an abstract formulation; nor is it a salaried speculation. It offers

‘economic community’ as an alternative to capitalism. It confronts with industrialism of capitalism through ecological-economic community. It

contests with nation-statism through an ethico-political society. This, however, radical and realistic position the YPG defends militarily

creates enemies more than it creates friends. Turkish state in the north for example is cooperating with ISIS. The KDP as the representative of

primitive-nationalist and petty-bourgeois line in the Middle Eastern political spectrum cooperates with Turkish state, tries to suffocate

Rojava with closed borders and with embargos, and even attacks to Kurdish people in collaboration with the proxies of Turkish state. If

the Assad regime does not attack the YPG now, it is because it has powerful enemies around itself that wait for an opportunity to strangle

it. Despite the defensive position of ISIS, it seems that it will take more time to defeat these murderers completely. But that the YPG

struggles with enemies of humanity and defends the transformation of Rojava in the direction of a democratic modernity is being appreciated

every day more and more by many. Dozens of the YPG martyrs from Germany to Australia and of the internationalist revolutionaries who fell

fighting shoulder on shoulder with the red star of the YPG and of the YPJ are the proof that the Rojava Revolution has already become an

internationalist revolution that would never be extinguished.


To achieve a revolution is a hard work, to protect it is harder; if not the hardest of all ethico-political activities. If a revolution does not gain a global dimension by establishing a network of solidarities everywhere, it is bound to be defeated by the reactionary forces and

byproducts of capitalist modernity. Hence, as Serok Apo points out in "Democratic Confederalism" that has been translated by International

Initiative, “We need to put up a platform of national civil societies in terms of a confederate assembly to oppose the United Nations as an

association of nation-states under the leadership of the superpowers”. So, people from all around the world, those who think that another world

is possible and that one has to fight and confront with the monsters to make another world possible, would contribute to the platform that would spread the revolution of peace and justice.

If you want to support the YPG in Rojava you should then do this for the values of humanity, and not only for your own agenda. You won't be fighting here for money. We won't tolerate those who only seeks fame through our struggle. What we can offer you is the possibility to join an honorable struggle for the values of humanity on the search for the truth and the right way of life and the possibility to learn more about the most important progressive revolution and struggle right now on the planet.

We prefer to have people here who want to be part of this for the right reasons. We don’t need people who think that they are Rambo – and please no Fascists. Rojava is not an adventure park, this war is not a Hollywood film and the YPG is not a PR-Agency.The YPG is not a place for people who like to kill people because of their beliefs and identities. We won't tolerate people here among us in the YPG who are actual members of police, army or intelligence services. There are other channels for these institutions to contact with the political and military institutions of the Rojava Revolution.

Supporting the YPG in Rojava is hard work, and you will need much effort and patience. Rojava is not a place for exotic holiday trips or for adventures. Supporting the YPG is not a game, and no fun activity for bored people. Read this text carefully, these are the most important basics that you have to know and understand if you want to support the YPG in Rojava. When you have read this text and you are still willing to come to Rojava to support the YPG then you should answer the questions below.


These are the characteristics that people should have who wish to support the YPG in Rojava:

1. Serious in thinking, speaking and acting

2. Honest and determined

3. Respectful for different ways of thinking and living, cultures and beliefs of the people in the Middle East and ethical and cultural values of the YPG

4. Willing to integrate into the system of the YPG and willing to learn, work, and live in a collective way

5. Disciplined, sincere, and modest

6. Patient and able to build up strong social relationships

7. Open-Minded and ready to critisize and to being critisized

8. Positive thinking and constructive acting

9. Respecting the idea of women liberation and its practical organizations

10. Willing to embrace defending and serving the people as the most important principle

You do not need to be ex-special forces, even not a former soldier, but of course military experience would be helpful. We appreciate people who share their tactical and technical knowledge and people with experiences and constructive criticism, but you should keep in mind that we are no amateurs. Our six years of experience against our enemies would easily prove this. However, we are always open to learn new things, to develop ourselves, to work with a self-critical approach, and to overcome our failures for better outcomes.

People with special skills and knowledge would do a plethora of things here in Rojava and in the YPG, but to be able to do that you have to learn a basic level of Kurdish and you have to understand some basic things about the Rojava Revolution and culture, history, ethical values and mentality of the people of the Middle East. Besides, you should have some understanding of political, economical, social, and military situation of Rojava, Kurdistan and the Middle East. You will find a completely different reality here. Without a certain level of understanding of all this, a sense of frustration would be inevitable. In order to prevent this, a basic training will be provided for you.

If you are physically and mentally fit and healthy, open-minded and patient, willing to respect our culture and values and ready to learn, to work and to fight constantly for minimum 6 months in a war-torn Middle East country; then you would support the YPG in Rojava. Do not expect Western standarts of material luxury and prepare for a life without internet and smartphones. Do expect harsh conditions concerning food and sleep. Be aware of the fact that you will have to adapt to a foreign cultural and ideological context and military standarts and rules.


What we want to know about you:

The following questions can be a help for you to write a text which is able to show us how serious and realistic you are with your decision to support the YPG in Rojava. The last part of the questions, part d), you just have to answer with yes or no. Copy and paste part d) and write your answers next to the questions.

a) What is your name?

How old are you?

Do you have a facebook account? If you do, let us know so that we would contact you there too.

When do you plan to come to Rojava?

Have you been in Rojava before? If yes, how long?

Have you ever been with other armed forces in the Middle East like Peshmergha?

Tell us something about your history, your life, your family, your character and answer the questions below.

1. Where were you born and raised? Where did you live? and Where do you live right now?

2. How was and is your family situation? Tell us something about your parents and how they influenced you.

3. Are you married or in a relationship? Do you have kids?

4. What kind of education do you have?

5. Do you know other languages?

6. What is your profession? What do you do in your free time?

7. Tell us about your political and religious inclinations, if any.

8. Do you have military experiences and if you have, where and how long?

9. Do you have special skills or special knowledge?

10. Have you ever used drugs?

11. Have you ever been incarcerated? If yes, why?

12. Are you wanted by any state?

13. Tell us about the 5 most important values for you.


b) The YPG and the Rojava Revolution are based on the philosophy of Abdullah Ocalan. Serok APO says that everybody has to ask himself or herself three important questions to find out what is the right thing to do. What are your answers?

1. How to live?

2. What to do?

3. Where to start?

c) Tell us something about your motivation to come to Rojava.

1. How did you hear about Rojava and the YPG?

2. What do you think about Rojava and the YPG?

3. Why do you want to support the YPG in Rojava?

4. The YPG is not just fighting a war against ISIS, YPG is defending a revolution. What do you think about this revolution?

5. Fighting in the YPG is more then fighting the enemy, you have to organize all parts of your life by yourself and in a collective way in cooking, cleaning, working, and learning. Are you ready for this?

6. Having no connection to your family and friends at home for weeks or months, are you ready for this?

7. What do you think about our enemies?

8. What do you think about war?

9. What do you want to do here?

10. What kind of doubts do you have?

11. What are your plans ?

12. How long do you want to stay in Rojava?

13. What do you want to do after Rojava?


d) Questions about your personality. Copy and paste the questions and answer them with Yes or No ( Example: Do your moods fluctuate a lot? No)

Do you have difficulty trusting people?

Do you tend to avoid social relationships?

Do you prefer to be alone rather than in the company of others?

If you answered yes to the previous question, is it because you feel very anxious in social situations, or.. (Yes/No)

..because you are suspicious of their motives? (Yes/No)

Do you find yourself unaffected by praise or criticism?

Do you see people who get taken advantage of as being weak and deserving of being used?

Do you feel a yearning for acceptance among your peers?

Do you have a difficult time relating to others?

Do you believe you have special extrasensory abilities (ability to "sense" a person's presence, for example)?

Do you often find that your emotions are inappropriate for a given situation?

Are you plagued by suspicions that other people, including loved ones, may be doing things behind your back that will end up hurting you?

Do others see you as being cold and distant?

Do you tend to choose jobs that are below your skill level?

Do you find it hard to concentrate on one thing for a long time?

Is your appearance or behavior considered "eccentric" by other people?

Have other people accused you of being cruel to animals or people?

Do you take actions without thinking about the consequences?

Do you sometimes profit at the expense of others, without being bothered by the pain or damage you may cause them?

Do you consider your needs to be more important to you than the needs of others?

Do your moods fluctuate a lot?

Are you prone to bouts of anger?

Do you often feel like people are saying negative things about you behind your back?

Do you often see things in black and white terms? In other words, something either is or it isn't, with no gray area inbetween.


Are you often uninterested in the feelings of others?

When you are talking to someone, do they sometimes have difficulty following your train of thought?

Are you quick to anger when your expectations are not met?

Do you intentionally injure yourself, for instance by cutting yourself or taking too many pills?

Do consider yourself having a strong love for approval and praise?

Do other people accuse you of being manipulative?

Have you had recurrent thoughts of suicide?

If you answered yes to the previous question, do you tend to have these suicidal thoughts during and after a break-up with someone?

Do you tend to be critical of loved ones, sometimes holding them to higher standards than you hold yourself to?

Are you very afraid of being alone?

Are you focused on order and perfection?

Do you feel that you are depressed a lot?

Do you always feel the need to have a story to tell?

Have you ever been in jail or done something that you could be put in jail for?

Do other people accuse you of being self-centered?

Do you occasionally or often dress or act provocatively to gain attention?

Do you have a big fear of rejection (of any kind, not just romantic)?

Do you often second-guess yourself?

Do you find yourself exaggerating your achievements to win the respect of others?

Do you frequently alternate between feelings of high self-worth and self-disappointment?

Do you tend to lie a lot?

Do you frequently reassure yourself that you are deserving of praise?

Do you frequently reassure yourself that you are self-sufficient?

Do you often feel uncomfortable in social situations?

Does your concern for doing everything "right" interfere with your productivity?

Do you have trouble not taking criticism personally?

Do you feel the need to always be in a relationship?

Are you quiet in social situations, often out of fear of saying something stupid?

Are you often critical of weakness in others, particularly classmates or coworkers?

Do you exaggerate the potential difficulties of new situations in order to convince yourself not to try out new activities?

Do you yearn for intimate relationships yet feel that you are too socially inept to obtain them?

Do you ever steal things from stores or people's houses?

Do you suffer from low confidence?

Have you ever exaggerated illness or other weakness in order to get attention?

Do you have an intense fear of separation from those you love?

Have others accused you of being arrogant?

Do you avoid working in teams because you are convinced that others are too careless and will not work to your standards?

Do you often let others make important decisions for you?

Do you have intense feelings of inadequacy and helplessness?

Do you often get stuck on the details while missing the larger picture?

Are you very concerned with your appearance and how others perceive you?

Do others accuse you of being rigid or stubborn?

Do you have a hard time throwing things away, even if they are old and worn out?

Do you engage in any obsessive or compulsive behavior?

Were your parents cold and distant or treated you negatively when you were growing up?

Try to be open and honest about yourself so that we would make a right decision. It is very important for us to make a right decision because we consider this as a a big responsibility. To support the YPG in Rojava you have to trust us and we have to trust you. You are not going to join a football club or get a new job in a company, you are going to take part in a revolution. Never forget that we will call each other here "Heval", meaning friend and comrade. "Heval" means for us much more than one's family. Comrades would easily sacrifice their lives to protect each other, if it is necessary. Therefore, you should not give us an incorrect impression of yourself. If you are not used to write texts do not worry, we are not expecting a sophisticated text, we just want to know a bit about your personality. If you have difficulties to write in English, you may ask a friend to help you writing the text; but you should take your time and concentrate on the text to get certain about yourself and about this important decision.

Again, be certain about yourself and your decision, coming to and leaving from Rojava is not so easy, and if you want to support us you will have to stay minimum 6 months.

p.s. If you do not get answer for more than 3 days, please remind us.

Revolutionary greetings and regards








Important shit, if you're thinking about going.

Getting organized with others is probably a good idea too.








This is fantastic comrade, thank you.

Out of interest have you answered back?


File: c829ebfd165fc8b⋯.jpg (79.75 KB, 960x960, 1:1, c829ebfd165fc8bb93fe6cb678….jpg)


I did, but they haven't sent a response back yet. Feels bad man



I wouldn't worry too much, PPG said they take their time with replying and you gotta be persistent, but they'll make it happen eventually.



I mean they specifically ask to be reminded if they dont answer for a while… although such a long term plan probably isnt worth their imediate interest.



Yeah heard that a lot, its more professional and organised than in the past, but still not perfect at all.



Yeah I figured as much. Really, I contacted them originally to find out how long the waiting list is but I got that form sent to me instead.





The more we can help each other out and coordinate with each other, the better.



>able to build up strong social relationships

>Positive thinking

So much for that.



Based on the other people that I know got accepted by them people either lied or they arent to picky if you dont seem crazy(some of the questions seem clearly aimed at weeding out schizos and other mentally ill people).



>If you answered yes to the previous question, is it because you feel very anxious in social situations, or.. (Yes/No)

>..because you are suspicious of their motives? (Yes/No)

How are these mutually exclusive?



Why are so few of these questions about your actual abilities? Isn't your ability to actually contribute rather more important than an overly detailed analysis of your personality?



Considering this is for the YPG specifically, I'm guessing they figure they'll just train you anyways so they're just looking for sane able bodies.



They can teach you, but dealing with mentall ill people or people that cant deal with long term situations of pressure and culture shock are useless from the start.


Why are they so obsessed with getting super social happy people anyway? Couldn't they just group up all the depressed autistic people together and let that sort itself out?


YPG questioning of personality is to weed out wannabee crusaders who just wanna kills Muslims.

Things like this happen otherwise.



Because you live in a communal group on little space for long bouts of time. Sometimes apparently also including self criticism sessions.



Well they've taken depressed people before, as well as socially awkward people. It's OK to be a bit of both as long as you're functional and can fight, deal with the pressures etc. There was a story a year back or so of an american anarchist who struggled with depression, and they still took him. Though, he did end up dying unfortunately but he died a martyr at least



I'd be stocking up on suicidal and depressed people. They can die in a vaguely useful manner and you get troops to use for especially risky operations.



The most important is that you're not anti-social and can cooperate with others.

As something with military experience, I can tell you that coordination and cooperation, much more so than any kind of personal skills, are what's important in combat situations.




reeee they sound like normies



Dont dehumanize yourself so hard comrade, even under capitalism they cant extinguish our humanity completely.



*as someone with military experience


File: c497b224ce0e07f⋯.jpg (25.25 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 1471197883586.jpg)



could Rojava be a Wizard Community?


File: f7ea66f9da3e35a⋯.gif (51.1 KB, 305x282, 305:282, 1484943964647.gif)


>when you just want to get yourself killed fighting reactionaries but Chad won't even let you do that


File: 0afe899b4ce2f63⋯.jpg (42.66 KB, 720x479, 720:479, pafhOk6.jpg)


Think that might've been Jordan Mactaggart


Does anyone know how many foreign fighters are in Rojava?



Yeah that looks like the guy I remember. RIP



1,000+ at this stage



Any source? Because the highest estimates I have heard is 400.



The YPG international Kurdish teacher says 800-900 here but it's from last year and they've probably brought in another few batches since. So if it's not 1,000+, it's around 1,000.

She's likely not counting IFB in that either, since most of their members wouldn't have gone through YPG international.


File: 027a800a15fbaa8⋯.jpg (31.74 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 1487266842177.jpg)



Shes not trustworthy according to a kurd there, she has since left/deserted to Europe.


File: 214d62e3e2b9be2⋯.jpg (68.71 KB, 800x533, 800:533, MLKP-Son-Durumu-ve-Eylemle….jpg)


It's just extremely difficult to come up with precise numbers for any group in Syria (by design) so we have to go off such sketchy sources.




Honestly if I was a dictator and through various forms of election rigging the results of the election were the the 90s i would lie about it and say they were in the 70s because fucking seriously, 99%?



Yeah, PissPig mentioned these guys. Also, that one cannibal dude.



Yeah, it still wouldn't be enough proof of a free, legitimate election, but THE LION would definitely trick way more people like that.



Over in belarus the president once straight up said "yeah i got 80 something but's not a 'european' result or some nonsense so we just said it was 60 to shut poeple up."





Hmm, so what you're saying is that loose sexual relations between men and women sows jealousy, discord, and hurt feelings and the Lions of Rojava agree?

bretty gud time to be Muslim socialist



Yup, it's typical Orientialism to fetishize these "exotic women". I'd be interested in seeing an interview with a typical YPJ fighter, and her view on the men who drool over them.



That's kinda the strategy of recruiters of suicide bombers. Find the most disenfranchised and alienated young men they can. There's a real surplus of those nowadays.


That's nice to see, but I don't see construction workers. I hope the work hasn't stopped.

Also, do you have any idea where the funds came from?




Are there any other groups bringing people in outside YPG? It seems the Lions did that but have disbanded.



To be fair Turkish tankids have been supporting them strongly the whole time



>Yup, it's typical Orientialism to fetishize these "exotic women". I'd be interested in seeing an interview with a typical YPJ fighter, and her view on the men who drool over them.

People here fetishize women because they're sex-starved nerds. Some girl getting offended about that would not change anything.



>That's kinda the strategy of recruiters of suicide bombers. Find the most disenfranchised and alienated young men they can. There's a real surplus of those nowadays.

Exactly, so why not let them get themselves killed for Rojava? These strict mental health checks seem rather superfluous.



>That's kinda the strategy of recruiters of suicide bombers. Find the most disenfranchised and alienated young men they can. There's a real surplus of those nowadays.

I've said it before, everyone going off to become an islamist are the people who would've become wobblies or bomb totin' anarchists if we had an actually relevant radical left.



Somebody not on their phone should cap the thing.



Damn, makes you wonder how on Earth they got there. The YBS are pretty hard to find if you don't follow the middle east closely


File: 451092d01ab11f6⋯.jpg (358.96 KB, 1788x796, 447:199, YPG form 1.JPG)

File: 12f0d30f38cdb75⋯.jpg (239.44 KB, 1787x840, 1787:840, YPG form 2.JPG)

File: 3692bb1f4d9e760⋯.jpg (184.45 KB, 1464x810, 244:135, YPG form 3.JPG)

File: f785914cc59729d⋯.jpg (246.67 KB, 1788x907, 1788:907, YPG form 4.JPG)



The yazidi were a whole big thing for a while, probably got inspired at the time.




MLKP run their own training camp up in Qandil and bring in people independently of YPG.



YPG-I(I for international) is the group that is run by the YPG now that brings people over and trains them.


how do you think Assad would frame a war against the SDF? it's pretty easy to agree with Assad when he calls rebels terrorists considering their ranks are full of jihadists but how would he go about demonising SDF to the extent that people support a war against them?


File: fb91da342ec8cf6⋯.jpg (540.64 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, Us1QCXI.jpg)

new pic from the Antifa Tabur boys



From Rojava to the world.

Today a group of fellow anti-fascists, internationalists, anarchists, communists, socialists and libertarians appeals to support the revolution of Rojava and so joining struggle of the oppressed. We come from the shadow of the western capitalist world, to fight and to learn from our fellow comrades in Rojava how to claim freedom and the right to exist. With their courage we hope to create a life without oppression and persecution, a world without fascism and obscurantism. We set sail towards this goal pushed by the winds of liberty, equality, and respect for the Earth. This is the way of those exceptional people who have sailed towards oblivion leaving an unquenchable heat inside our hearts. It is the same warmth that we feel now, that animates us, that drove us across the threshold of the flames of the struggle of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria.

“Each comrade, here, now, fights with a heart full of sunshine.”

Every comrade, here, now, fights for the light, with the living memory of previous partisan struggles, for a better world, that have led up to these fiery lands. So, with the name of our unit, we want to remember the comrade Sahid lvana Hoffman, fallen valiantly fighting Isis on the front of Till Tamir, in March 2015. Together we fight to defend those values, which we retain in our hearts. We take our symbol from the revolutionaries who fought in Spain, in 1936, for a world without borders, without shadows and without fear— History did not defeat them. Their dreams did not die, but are now reborn with us, with each comrade, who now fights in Rojava. As a phoenix always rises from the ashes, so the fire of the Revolution, will continue to burn forever.

“We are partisans, we live.”

Silav u Rezen Soresgeri.

Antifascist Internationalist Tabur



Is there any way you can support them if you're weak and don't want to go into cities killing Daesh and defusing mines?


File: a56cbaf297e9ae2⋯.png (126.49 KB, 285x424, 285:424, 3507057-9788817085540.png)

There's this book out there by a Maoist comrade who fought in Kobane (he was also in a interview with rolling stone >>1359640 with pisspig). Anyone here who knows Italian willing to translate 350 pages into english?


There are some civillian options if you know any technical skills



Care to explain more about this?



>Today is January 19. I haven’t slept for 3 days. Because for the last 3 days, morning, noon, evening and night, we are firing on jihadists attacking the front. It’s not just a few of them at one time, they come in tens and twenties. They are like zombies that came back to life with the fire of insanity in a mass suicide. There is no end to them. (…) I’m on autopilot, firing without thinking. I fire out of numbness, I fire because there is nothing else to do. After spending 24 hours in front of one of the holes in the wall, I stopped taking aim. I only moved from my position to pee. Again and again, I pull the trigger. I continue reloading the Kalashnikov. My ears hurt, the sounds are like ruffles to me. My mind is all blurry from the lack of sleep. So much so that I don’t fully remember what happened in these last three days. I don’t even know how I’m still alive. Inside my head, there are lights and blurry images flashing, and I don’t know if they are real or creations of my exhausted brain

Little excerpt from an ANF article about it. Sounds good, I'd buy it if there was a translation.


Who is Pisspig?



>Yup, it's typical Orientialism to fetishize these "exotic women". I'd be interested in seeing an interview with a typical YPJ fighter, and her view on the men who drool over them.

Unfortunately /leftypol/ is not exempt from this phenomenon and /leftypol/ comrades should self-criticize on this topic



Self-criticise? Why? Fuck off, Reddit.



What I wrote is all I know, they had some trouble with that language teacher and she is no longer there. And I was told that she isnt trustworthy.



a real bad dude


PissPig talked about this right-wing faggot who came to Rojava to fight ISIS but left because he found out it was full of commies, how do people like that even get there when there's a form that makes it clear in the 2nd paragraph that they're leftists?|



He said that they became more selective after the incidents with these wannabee Crusaders.



Before YPG-I there was LoR which at first was run in the spare time of some volunteers. They where most active on Facebook and the first wave of volunteers consisted mostly of veterans who told their friends about it. So you can imagine which kind of people got attracted.



righties can read but they can't understand.

there's also those application tests that were recovered from ISIS that show that most of their fighters don't know shit about islam.



the idea of some hardcore conservative Iraq vet going through classes on women's studies and anti capitalism is kind of hilarious



Judging by the stuff most non leftist people there said about the ideology it seems like most of them take a certain liking towards it. They dont embrace it but they see and understand the good sides. Few liberals reject stuff like feminism, local democracy and ecology.



Shit, I hope they don't reject people for past depression or drug use.



Doubt they would, wasnt pisspig a heroin addict for a while?


File: 6fd4adac48fa837⋯.jpg (20.22 KB, 399x299, 399:299, 1486654646089.jpg)


sounds based


>tfw too autistic to go to rojava



I doubt they have access to your medical history.


File: e36d825347ada4b⋯.jpg (254.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1481375156471.jpg)

File: 92e81d0e3081288⋯.pdf (135.34 KB, YPG Volunteer Form.pdf)

here's an edited version in pdf/a



The fact that you are letting autism define you is your first problem. Once you stop caring and start to act against the symptoms, specially the social anxiety, it will seem like you never had it.



eh I say why no go anyway

you could meet a socially awkward kurdish grill.


>Damascus condemns Turkish ‘violations of sanctity & unity of Syrian land’ in letters to UN



File: 7f8942073fc3920⋯.jpg (97.82 KB, 720x720, 1:1, doom_paul_1.jpg)

>Turkey explosion: Large blast in Sanliurfa province


File: b5b90a341d30101⋯.png (37.68 KB, 814x474, 407:237, spurdogreaves.png)

File: 5b39ce572addb63⋯.png (33.88 KB, 853x543, 853:543, spurdogreaves2.png)



I think the project was called 'Rebuilding Kobanî' or 'Help Kobanî' where they got donations from their website.


File: b28dd9ab3eadcca⋯.jpg (183.05 KB, 876x582, 146:97, k3UZUPv.jpg)

you know for a moment there I thought the Turks were actually gonna take Al Bab but much of their recent gains have been reversed and now they're back on the outskirts of the city again


Why are Weird Twitter people trying to recruit comrades to fight for Zionists in norther Syria?



I've never had actual autism, but I have PDD-NOS and managed to grow out of it. I think actual autism is much harder to grow out of it but you can still become more social.



nice meme



>What are you think about the german volunteers..are there really only strong-leftist guys?

>(…) some of them are weird autistic robots with terrible social skills



PKK have actively fought Zionism you little bitch



>zionists in northern Syria

how brainfucked are you? The jews are not everywhere


File: 8bcb8d53d16da5b⋯.png (121.71 KB, 734x1627, 734:1627, C42PdVCUoAAAqoj.png)




Kurds are pro-Israel and anti-Assad. Do NOT deny this.



Well Assad is a punk bitch



>Oh, you hate this monstrous war criminal and undemocratic leader of an authoritarian regime who barrel bombs his own population and subjects ethnic minorities to serious cultural and material oppression for decades?

>You must be an ally of this apartheid regime that's been waging an oppressive ethnic war for decades. That's got to be the only reason for anybody to dislike Assad.

Tankie logic, my boys.

>You can't dislike two people who dislike each other, that would be hypocritical! You need to pick a side! All issues are strictly dichotomous, absolutely no exceptions. Especially in politics.



They've received weapons from him, publicly endorsed him and fought alongside the SAA



>assad persecutes ethnic minorities

lol you clearly know absolutely nothing




>Demanding that ethnic minorities don't speak their own language isn't ethnic oppression!

>Keeping rural areas with minority populations poor and economically dependent on the rest of the country isn't ethnic oppression!

Keep talking shit you fucking idiot.



>Assad hates the sunni!

>Assad hates the minorities!

man he must be an edgy 14 year old cus that boy hates everyone



>kills Turks and FSA in the North with weapons from SAA

>kills FSA during Aleppo alongside SAA.

Bullshit. Assad and Rojava are bffs.



>kill SAA in Hasakah

>aid siege of Nubl for years

>Shiekh Maqsood played both sides for much of the war, before finally throwing in with the regime as a result of constant rebel attacks on civilians

>leadership had been tortured in Syrian prisons before the civil war

These guys don't like Assad, they just presently view him as the lesser evil.



exactly tbh, I think when the Syrian Civil War ends and the rebels are defeated a lot of rebel supporters will realise how bad they fucked up by alienating Kurds to the point where they became more sympathetic to the regime (which they still fucking hated).

A lot of rebels throw the "Assadist" smear at YPG, but it wouldn't be like that if the rebels werent sectarian salafist retards.


>#SDF forces captured several hamlets west of Makman and Prison complex & Cotton Center northeast of #Raqqa.

are ISIS fucking sleeping or something, SDF are only 3.2km from Raqqa now. this is no longer 'isolated irrelevant villages' territory.



Probably drawing the SDF into something.



That was also because of turkey. Sure rebels were retards and secterian tosspots towards us Kurds but turkey played unprecented role about it, they basically told them to be hostile to us or no supplies. Rebels did it with all their hearts though.



>us Kurds

you Kurdish m8?





I'm not that other guy tho



Cool. Great to have a Kurdish comrade among us. Which part of Kurdistan are you from?



I am Kurdish, specifically from Bakur.



How's life there at the moment? Do you see anything major happening this year with PKK and its affiliates like Cizre or Sur?



My mother was born in Baghdad, but she's an ethnic iraqi-kurd. I wasn't born in Kurdistan but as a second gen immigrant I still consider myself one.



"They're terrorists"

He can literally do that with any group, regardless if it's true.



I think KCK itself admitted that trench war in the cities wasnt good idea so i doubt it. Life is pretty shitty regardless mate.



An American who joined YPG, and is somewhat a celebrity on Lefty Twitter

Just listen to his Chapo episode, one of the best ones:



Bakur, born and bred.



>Fuck off, Reddit.

This insult literally means nothing, anymore, considering it's used for everything.



to what extent is the PKK supported there?



Bakur is Turkish Kurdistan.



It is pretty much supported. An organization can't survive in Middle East without major support from of populace.



>>Damascus condemns Turkish ‘violations of sanctity & unity of Syrian land’ in letters to UN

>sanctity & unity of Syrian land

Holy shit Phil Greaves doesn't defend Assad. He IS Assad.



Very interesting AMA



Stupid noobie question: Who is fighting at al-Bab? Turks, YPG, and ISIS, right?

Also, why is it important? Linking cantons?



>Have you had any interactions / seen / heard any of the western spec ops in Syria? If so what were they like?

>Yes seen americans french. Spoke to both. The Americans were cool the french were assholes. Heard of german and British out here also but not seen myself.



>cus that boy hates everyone

Well yeah, that's literally true



ISIS vs Turkey, it was important as taking it would have been integral to connecting the cantons. Which is sadly impossible now.

So now we all just watch as turkey gets btfo on epic porportions by a bunch of goat fuckers.



SANCTITY, LEGITIMATE and SOVEREIGN are typical Assadboo buzzwords.



It's the Turks with their FSA allies who invaded from the north to fight ISIS. This was a move to block the Rojava cantons from linking up, which Turkey has so far succeeded in doing.

Recently the Syrian government has advanced to the south but is not actually advancing on Al-Bab itself.

you can see a more detailed map here;


Could the Kurds swap land in the south of Rojava with Assad to build a detour around the Turkish held areas and connect the cantons?



What's the MLKP training like? Do they recruit abroad like the IFB?



Some have speculated that SDF could break the siege of Deir Ezzor in exchange for de facto linking the cantons as you've said.

I don't think they'll be giving any land or cities to Assad though.




>where they became more sympathetic to the regime

It's not even really like that. They just have "silent" agreements with them in various cases like all the other groups in Syria, which is understandable. Assad is still a piece of shit. There's no contradiction there. This article refuting Roy Gutman's recent piece says it well:

>4. Claim: “The YPG’s collaboration with the Assad regime extends to recently active battlefronts.”

>Answer: Yes and No. Of course there were silent agreements between the Syrian Army and the YPG during certain battles. Each side, especially around Aleppo, tried to advance their own agenda while “accepting” the moves of the other side. But this is, in a multi-factional and complex civil war like it is happening in Syria, common. Each faction and militia tries to keep their own power base happy and act under the accord of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Additionally, Gutman neglects to mention the fights between the Syrian Army and the YPG in all areas of Syria. There had been tit-for-tat fights between the YPG and the Syrian Army in Aleppo’s neighborhoods for years where the Kurds shot at Syrian regime soldiers and pushed them further away from the Kurdish areas – and in return the Syrian regime used barrel bombs on these Kurdish areas, killing civilians. Furthermore, there were fights between the Syrian Army and the YPG in Qamishli and, most seriously, in Hasakah city where the Syrian Army even used their airforce to bomb the positions of the YPG. So yes, there is a “silent agreement” between these forces during certain periods – out of battle calculations – but these agreements collapsed often enough to show clearly that there is no full-blown collaboration.


File: 6711b9b1f0a78d4⋯.jpg (35.68 KB, 660x371, 660:371, IMG_0461.JPG)


Ivana Hoffman, a young German girl, joined the MLKP (and ended up dying in Manbij). So I'd assume they have some sort of volunteer system.

Don't know what MLKP's training is like but I'd imagine it'd be closely coordinated with PKK training.



Phil: "N-n-ninety-nine% is totally a legitimate election result"


File: 63fe1d5b98873d9⋯.jpg (160.5 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, 16229140_1218495534895342_….jpg)

Rest in peace, Albanian grandpa.




Every each one of them worth more than 1000 jashes that call themselves Kurd.




What's that





It's what Kurds call traitor Kurds

I've seen Barzani get called it a lot



Basically Quisling


File: cfcc0180d434b02⋯.jpg (192.71 KB, 720x960, 3:4, happy hoffman.jpg)


Hoffman died in Tal Tamir not Manbij.


File: db92d050df668ea⋯.pdf (10.95 MB, db92d050df668ea0c46f66b232….pdf)


Actually Jordan Matson who came to Rojava after trying to kill himself because Obama was elected in 08 and was turned into a Bernie SocDem from I read from his reddit posts



I was reading some /k/ archives on a few days about some /k/tards who lied that they were leftists to get in so there might be one or two right-wingers who sneak in


>A tall, scruffy Danish guy set down his

Kalashnikov and joined us, introducing

himself as Tommy Mørck. He was in his

thirties and had why? tattooed across the

four knuckles of one hand. He grew up in

an unstable home and spent his twenties

on the move, living in different countries,

attending various universities, working

unrelated jobs. “I never could find anything

that could stick,” he said. “Not people, not occupations, not places.” He was

diagnosed with bipolar disorder and suffered

from heavy depression until the day

he realized that there was nothing wrong

with his mind; it was the modern world

that was sick.



you made a slip there, it's supposed to be "The tree of anti-revisionism and imperialism" kek




>A tall, scruffy Danish guy set down his Kalashnikov and joined us, introducing himself as Tommy Mørck

Will definitely give it a read. I was actually born in Denmark myself.


File: 54cb321b21762a2⋯.png (151.63 KB, 617x593, 617:593, syriamiddlefinger.png)

check this out lmao



man this whole drawing dicks everywhere thing is getting way out of hand



it's a middle finger, not a dick

it's a great metaphor for how ISIS is flipping the Turks the bird


File: 35ae3d8ac874d5d⋯.png (494.75 KB, 693x1025, 693:1025, 1429838397555.png)

>Turkish President Erdogan : We will go ahead to Manbej after AlBab in Syria

>Manjeb is currently hold by the forces of SDF/YPG

What the fuck Erdogan, you son of a bitch.



at least everyone knew it was coming



>Manbij is defended by local forces

>Manbij is self governed by locals

>Last YPG units left months ago

>the people are delighted to be free from ISIS and have their city back


Erdogan is such an autist. Anyway turks will get BTFO in that case. ISIS are defending Qabasin, Bzaa and Al Bab and destroying Turks with only a few hundred fighters. A defense of Al Bab will consist of a few thousand locals and YPG units, all experienced in urban warfare.


Phil Greaves' twitter is always fucking hilarious



you should've seen it after SAA fully captured Aleppo, he was almost in tears of joy

he even said that the ghost of fidel castro flew over Aleppo to grant SAA victory or some shit lmao


File: ba666701d2279ef⋯.png (25.91 KB, 689x775, 689:775, red army that feel when.png)


>he realized that there was nothing wrong

>with his mind; it was the modern world

>that was sick.

that fucking feel


File: d9f21527f887170⋯.jpg (147.8 KB, 1111x597, 1111:597, 1433352334929.jpg)





>he even said that the ghost of fidel castro flew over Aleppo to grant SAA victory or some shit lmao




I mean, he's kinda worrisome. One of these days, he's gonna get someone hurt with his dumbass doxing.


File: 02389e66fe3a50b⋯.jpg (731.26 KB, 1238x1810, 619:905, 5j859BP.jpg)

/ourgirl/ confirmed?

>classcuck is something they say on /leftypol/



A revisionist counter-revolutionary Trotskyist was teaching a class on Bookchin, known revisionist

“Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Bookchin and accept that he was the most highly-evolved being the world has ever known, even greater than Karl Marx!”

At this moment, a Ba'athist Marxist-Leninist armchair theorist who had won 1500 twitter debates and understood the necessity of anti-imperialism and fully supported all military decision made Assad stood up and held up a map of the Middle East.

“Where can Rojava be seen on this map? It only says Syria.”

The arrogant professor smirked quite Jewishly and smugly replied “The Assad regime terrorizes even cartographers. Long live Rojava.”

“Wrong. It’s been almost 6 years since the civil war started. If 'The Assad regime' AKA the Syrian government was massacring its own people, as you say… then he would've been denounced already by everyone.”

The professor was visibly shaken, and dropped his chalk and copy of The Next Revolution. He stormed out of the room crying those revisionist Zionist tears.

The students applauded and all supported Assad in his fight against western imperialism that day and accepted Stalin as the last real leader of the Soviet Union. An eagle named “Marxism-Leninism” flew into the room and perched atop the Syrian flag and shed a tear on the chalk. The Syrian national anthem was sung multiple times, and the ghost of Fidel Castro himself showed up and taught the students the value of 'socialism in one country'.

The professor lost his tenure and was fired the next day. He died when the Mossad backstabbed him for not serving them well enough and was tossed into the Euphrates.

The young man's name? Phil Greaves.




10/10 nice OC


File: 23c35c218c3486b⋯.jpg (117.04 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, 23c35c218c3486b1b4f730412f….jpg)

Who do i need to contact to volunteer for the YPG again? There is so many organizations on facebook it is confusing. I am from a third world nation and not FBI btw. I'm thinking that if pisspig could do it so can i.



This is the official one fam. Forget about Facebook.


File: 32c83b5115f3555⋯.png (137.18 KB, 465x550, 93:110, unpopular girl.png)


>Two philosophers fought here. The philosophy of our leadership and that of imperialism. The philosophy of imperialism has been buried in Kobanê and in Rojava. The fighters of the YPJ and YPG are burying this fascist ISIS organization and their supporters, these gangs that have nothing in common with humanity, in the garbage heap of history. A revolution is taking place here. For 40 years we have shouted in the streets for a socialist revolution. Now we will build socialism here. Come and let us build socialism together. Whatever kind of socialism you may want, whatever kind of people’s revolution – come here and lets build it together.

Jesus Christ, my heart.



I actually enjoyed this quite a lot.


File: b205e2b94b84283⋯.pdf (2.52 MB, en001.pdf)

File: 03ea316933b134c⋯.pdf (505.07 KB, en002.pdf)

File: 167b527c97cd6a2⋯.pdf (288.14 KB, en003.pdf)

Links to three Ocalan books: "Democratic Nation", "The Roadmap to Negotiations" and "Liberating Life: Women's Revolution".



Sweet, three new books for the archive


File: 82a2bb342ca2ffd⋯.png (445 KB, 623x631, 623:631, Untitled.png)

you know pisspig is a bit of a retard for giving anti YPG fucks the ammunition to attack em even further with his ironic shit



if it were a "stalinist state" it'd actually work out


File: 49828bcc867e98a⋯.jpg (6.75 KB, 255x106, 255:106, stop.jpg)


>implying anyone gives a shit about some idiot twitter blog poster

PPG did literally nothing wrong



>White glorified bodyguard in a safe-haven area using a serious struggle such as the YPG to make him look better amongst his other White twitter weirdo buddies as he totes his AK feeling like a baddie

>did nothing wrong


File: f82c1fd1ca0946e⋯.jpg (5.8 KB, 205x205, 1:1, 1411437139844.jpg)


>on the front line of the raqqa offensive

>enduring poverty and hunger to fight in a country that isn't his own

>"lel he's just doing it for attention"

kys my man



B-b-but Phil said he's rich!




>being (willingly) poor suddenly makes you a Marxist hero

>fighting in the Levant instead of helping the Leftist struggle in his own country

>he is literally suicidal and doesnt care if he dies at the end of the day

>"lel he's just doing it for attention" (which explains why he posts silly inane shit on his twitter for his followers to jerk off to)

>(if he didnt have the ability to blog daily about his little adventure he wouldnt be there in the first place)


File: d34ab87d4183150⋯.jpg (96.48 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, SBIfWK6.jpg)

>THIS KURDISH MOTHER who lost her own son in the Kurdish freedom struggle pays respect to YPG Martyr #RyanLock


Ryan Lock's body returned to the UK through Heathrow airport today and a lot of Kurds turned out to salute him.



Phil pls, you're not fooling anyone



what the fuck Jeremy Corbyn follows him



holy shit he actually does. that p fucking weird



>Leader of the biggest political party in Europe is secretly an ultra-tankie



Honestly i don't understand tankies' love with Assad. Baathism is basically nepotism, arab nationalism and corruption


File: 4525c23c63f5075⋯.jpg (51.14 KB, 600x474, 100:79, 147162_Corbyn-Lenin.jpg)





>Honestly i don't understand tankies' love with Assad. Baathism is basically nepotism, arab nationalism and corruption

t. porky



>nationalism is compatible with a stateless classless society

>ethno-nationalism and ethno-supremacism and exclusionary society is compatible with socialism

>nepotism and legacy power and wealth is compatible with socialism

>living in a literal palace while half your country is living without electricity

>torture dungeons

>disappearing tens of thousands of journalists and doctors

>police state

this is why most people on the left aren't suitable for revolution, they would install a police state over night


File: d739727cb663936⋯.png (68.46 KB, 636x442, 318:221, Untitled.png)

>you can't even cure cancer

pretty weird line of attack even from phil



fucking lol



He's actually insane.

>haha you're poorer than this other place that literally sucked value out of your region while keeping you industrially underdeveloped

>that means you're not real socialism

Tankie logic.



> Whatever kind of socialism you may want, whatever kind of people’s revolution – come here and lets build it together.

Let us build Stalinism together, hevals!


File: 0d9b52e12d5ffe8⋯.png (578.73 KB, 686x866, 343:433, 0d9b52e12d5ffe818883331e1a….png)

File: 5d39f7c03d52f41⋯.jpg (41.51 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 88d22f3a1f51ec689d7180280a….jpg)

File: c69f45ca4d88917⋯.jpg (50.78 KB, 595x335, 119:67, 988f3afd92b98b5708121e2703….jpg)


So these memes were totally unironic all along?




They're attracted to dictators. It's that simple.

I mean, that's the only reason you'd be a fan of Stalin, Assad, and Putin at the same time.


File: b49f9a1ea94f589⋯.png (1.92 MB, 1438x1080, 719:540, cancer.png)


NazBol is the highest stage of development for this sort of idiocy.


>Iran state TV praising YPG/YPJ in Syria,calling killed fighters as"martyrs",showing "liberated areas"/pics of PKK's Öcalan(English subtitle)

Interesting. We know very little of what Iran thinks of Rojava but that's positive. Both Russian and Assad being positive towards Rojava would mean Bashar having to put away his dream of capturing all of Syria



>lumping Castro in with them




[fapping intensifies]



Dunno why you'd protest Castro but not Lenin.



Castro and Lenin have their flaws but they shouldn't be thought of like Gaddafi, Assad, Saddam etc


File: 90df84c4160c962⋯.png (469.64 KB, 1024x421, 1024:421, fight isis.png)


>People from the right-wing are pretending to be left-wing to fight in a socialist revolution.

What a weird and wonderful time to be alive.



type in "antifa isis" on twitter an s you'll be exposed to the legions of retards who think Antifa are equivalent to ISIS and that they also fight on behalf of them in Syria. Oh and both of them are funded by Soros too.

How can people be that disconnected from reality?




>neighborhoods in which the Black Panthers were active had worse healthcare than neighborhoods full of rich white people

Truly forces one to ponder


File: 88721a263643da6⋯.jpg (182.96 KB, 670x922, 335:461, IMG_0463.JPG)

File: 587c979bca9d18c⋯.jpg (147.99 KB, 749x816, 749:816, IMG_0464.JPG)


Ivana's goodbye letter before leaving for Rojava.



I mean, I'll admit Castro was probably repressive but he was supported by the people. Not sure that can be said for Lenin.







Now this is very interesting. You wouldn't think Iran would praise socialists. Then again, the people of Iran aren't nearly as on board with Islamism as their government is. Even so, if Iran thinks they can gain from supplying the YPG with weapons, that would boost Rojava's prospects massively. Iran has the most developed defense industry in the Middle East, even more than Israel, Saudi Arabia or Turkey, who despite their large militaries are mostly supplied by the US, whereas Iran builds all its own stuff. If Rojava got its hands on even a handful of self-propelled artillery vehicles, legit tanks or fighter aircraft, the game would be changed dramatically.



This is really bizarre. I swear Iran is fighting the PJAK which is the iranian wing of the PKK?

Also I remember the leader of the PYD criticizing Iran for trying to stop Rojava going to the peace deals or something like that.



PJAK have massively toned down their campaign in Iran specifically to not cause Rojava problems in Syria I think. /u/pkk1978 was saying on Reddit though that PJAK are ready to immediately resume high level operations in Iran if the need comes (ie Iran attacking Rojava).



Yeah I think part of it may in effect be a bribe to get PJAK to shut up and sit down but also in the event of a Syria resolution where Rojava survives a bribe to the hardened YPG soldiers to not come fight for the PJAK.



i doubt the YPJ would be impressed by this but fap fap fap


there are literally hoxhaists training with the PKK and fighting in Syia so yeah

>self-propelled artillery vehicles, legit tanks or fighter aircraft,

scratch the last one and change it to radar SAMs, like some Kubs, and we're rolling


File: 258da7f1d0f5c1a⋯.jpg (168.39 KB, 716x536, 179:134, 4leZDRa.jpg)

File: 96d0efc95695eae⋯.jpg (119.48 KB, 717x536, 717:536, 5uVkmiA.jpg)

>Satellite images show the scale of destruction before and after Turkish army's operations in Nusaybin;city center was razed almost entirely.


File: c2746874d6b74cd⋯.jpg (160.66 KB, 1200x662, 600:331, C4Yh5vKWAAAl38w.jpg)

File: c965c4f184104a1⋯.jpg (108.35 KB, 898x701, 898:701, C47GQFtUYAAim6f.jpg)

File: 2efea63e9ba9321⋯.jpg (70.5 KB, 898x701, 898:701, C47GMD3UkAA5LSV.jpg)

File: 6e4c82120298a61⋯.jpg (117.97 KB, 898x701, 898:701, C47GEkgUoAEHYNZ.jpg)


File: a5bf4d2c13e6191⋯.jpg (79.71 KB, 800x533, 800:533, xDiKnqz.jpg)




>not giving me a (You)

SAMs would be nice, and I can understand the desire to go for them instead of jet fighters because jet fighters require a lot more maintenance and fuel. Iran has some pretty nifty anti-aircraft systems, too. They claim they have one that's better than Russia's S300. I doubt they'd be willing to give it to Rojava, though, much like Russia wasn't willing to give its S300s to Iran, which is why Iran started building its own AA systems in the first place.

Artillery and tanks are still a big deal. They require some maintenance, but for tanks it's not so bad if you mostly use them for defense, and artillery shouldn't be getting close enough to be in real danger. If the YPG had real tanks (or somehow figured out how to make their improvised tanks as good as real ones), they could fuck Turkey's shit up right quick and connect the cantons.

If they don't get any other military aircraft though, the YPG should still try to get transport planes or choppers to cart their troops around, and maybe some helicopter gunships or ground attack planes to help them out on the ground.


>"If Sunni people of Raqqa were forced to choose btwn YPG & Daesh [IS], they would likely choose Daesh": Turkey FM

the fuck? why does the turkish gov love ISIS so much?



>why do Islamists love other Islamists

This type of shit is why the YPG needs heavy armor of some description. Turkey isn't going to stop fucking with them until the Turkish army gets utterly humiliated. There was a news story posted here about how the YPG got a shipment of vehicles from Trump. Somehow I don't think he was paying attention on that one, but really, does he ever?

The pics I saw of them didn't look like much, though. Seemed to be just a few armored cars, probably obsolete hand-me-downs due to get replaced by LTVs. Better than nothing, but full-sized APCs or IFVs would be another thing the YPG should try to get.



Obama had a bill which authorised arming the YPG with heavy weaponry ready to go, all it had to do was get the go ahead by Trump. But he scrapped it (and thus delayed taking Raqqa for months). it's hard to know what'll happen now, but the YPG will not be going near Raqqa without a substantial amount of new munitions and support.

Micheal Flynn was a Turkey shill and was apparently important in shutting down the bill which authorised arming the YPG so maybe things could change with him gone.



Because they give them oil



The US probably won't give the YPG much help. The amount of help the US has given them so far is overstated, and Russia and China probably won't help them either. Ideally Rojava should have its own defense industry, but they're too new to have much in the way of manufacturing. That's why they might consider trying to get Iran to sell them some military materiel. It's a long shot, but it just might be what they need to get some breathing room.


File: 1cd54dd9b35573f⋯.jpg (128.25 KB, 960x720, 4:3, nusaybin.jpg)

A lot of the Kurds I follow on twitter are saying there's some really awful shit going on in Nusaybin at the moment. Turkey enforces media blackouts and curfews when they're attacking Kurdish towns though so journalism coming out of these regions is very scant unfortunately. Remember when a few Vice journalists got arrested for reporting in the South Eastern Kurdish regions of Turkey?



tankie twitter is so fucking awful, and I say that as someone who likes Stalin


File: 40c8fe4f9967d58⋯.png (410 KB, 1508x583, 1508:583, syria.png)

The YPG position at Tall Mahlas is less than 10km away from the outskirts of Raqqa. Pic shows clashes as recent as today between Daesh and YPG/SDF forces. There's still a major pocket to the north of Raqqa.

Siege of Raqqa when?



What is the source of these conflict maps people keep posting?




>DShK 12.7mm

my fuckin sides



more maps are provided by al jazeera and



They're working on cutting the supply route from Deir Ezzor first. But a siege is inevitable, and SDF like doing em.



Will they also be taking Al-Thawrah before Raqqa in that case?


Shit is doomed yo.

Soon the porky states of america will start supporting the turks. The kurds won't be able to deal with it.



Trotsky warned you dog

The revolution has to be international man



>Be turkey

>Get US aid

>Finally take half of al-Bab before stagnating again

Defeatist shills GTFO

>inb4 im just bean realistic


File: 6d07f86874a5ca0⋯.jpg (12.64 KB, 300x100, 3:1, apo.jpg)



I'm not entirely sure. Apparently SAA really want it too. They tried last year for it and ISIS massacred em.



Rip based Serb bro

Tito is waiting



>Speaking to ARA News, Kurdish leader Salih Muslim said that foreign volunteers join the YPG forces to protect humanitarian values, and to fight ISIS extremists, “who are a danger to all humanity,” he said.

>“The Kurds are very happy with these foreign fighters. They do not feel alone, in the past the Kurds only had mountains, but now we have Americans, British, French and Germans, and many of them were martyred,” he added.




Iran won't as long as PJAK is still active, Russia is the most likely patron tbh but it would have to come with some concessions to Assad



What's the context of this quote?


File: dba81cdf5d4b1d8⋯.jpg (188.18 KB, 852x905, 852:905, C47O1E2XUAAeydz.jpg large.jpg)

>the same people who complain about the kurds all day on leftypol for the rest of their lives


can someone explain the Turkish strategy of continually shelling SDF towns without any ground fighting to take them? What are they trying to do, wrecking some homes and killing a few people?



>Levi Jonathan Shirley

Martyred in action during the liberation of Manbij just six weeks after this was taken

RIP comrade


what even is ISIS's strategy at this point? the apocalypse has been delayed. isn't this the time when they should start looking towards a treaty of surrender?



It serves no military purpose other than to disrupt normal life and scare and kill civilians. They do it pretty much every time they take a beating off ISIS too, so it's like a sadistic way of letting off steam.

They often target rebuilding efforts in Kobani and Manbij also.

For me it's a pretty classic definition of terrorism. But because it's by a state actor, it's not seen as such.



Intelligent people don't join ISIS and intelligent people don't post on /pol/

They don't have a strategy besides zerg rush whoever boss Saudi says they should

Whatevers yous says baws



death to turks.



Its a general slogan common among the Kurds, reffering to the fact that they have been betrayed again and again by various factions throughout history but in the end the mountains allways offered them protection.



>What are they trying to do, wrecking some homes and killing a few people?



Turkey is literally a terrorist state.



there needs to be some intelligent people to coordinate a jihad of like 200,000 fighters.

regardless, what is the Saudi strategy right now then? it's expensive shit to just tie up a couple militaries for years and not make any progress.



ISIS are currently losing their biggest city (Mosul) and their capital (Raqqa) is currently being encircled and later on it too will be captured. Their caliphate is shrinking rapidly and within about two years ISIS as we know it will be gone. But they'll likely continue as they existed before the Syrian Civil War, as a smaller insurgent group, waiting for the next power vacuum to take advantage of.

ISIS were always gonna get fucked. Their fighters will welcome the apocalyptic battles they have left though. I mean ISIS' car bomb volunteer list exceeds the amount of cars they have, and ISIS fighters often fight over who gets to car bomb themselves. These guys are cut from a different cloth.



>there needs to be some intelligent people to coordinate a jihad of like 200,000 fighters.

There are none in the Jihad, there are everywhere in Saudi Arabia who just want some $$$

You're a fucking idiot, start reading



how does Saudi Arabia make $$$ funding a war that IS can't win?



>there needs to be some intelligent people to coordinate a jihad of like 200,000 fighters.

Apparently a lot of the Baathist leadership joined ISIS when it was in its blooming period. Strange considering Baathism was supposed to be secular but apparently these guys found their religion again.



>how does Saudi Arabia make $$$ funding a war that IS can't win?

The point isn't winning dipshit. Did the Taliban win? Did Al Qaeda win? What ever won? That's not the bloody point.

Read some god damn books, stop posting, realize what's going on, come back and post.



What's the point then, faggot? Stop sperging and build a fucking argument.



Everyone on this thread is on the same page except for you.


File: 97e7317a9c3badb⋯.png (297.05 KB, 488x371, 488:371, spookstanza.png)



Don't speak for me faggot. You're the only that doesn't seem to be on page here.



Yes, everyone. Everyone understands what Saudi Arabia and America are doing except for you. I doubt there's more than one of you.


File: 12f4e5003185a42⋯.jpg (686.33 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, DiCenzo-171115-SinjarLiber….jpg)

>Islamic State militant Amar Hussein says he reads the Koran all day in his tiny jail cell to become a better person. He also says he raped more than 200 women from Iraqi minorities, and shows few regrets.

>Hussein said his emirs, or local Islamic State commanders, gave him and others a green light to rape as many Yazidi and other women as they wanted.

>Witnesses and Iraqi officials say Islamic State fighters raped many Yazidi women after the group rampaged through northern Iraq in 2014. It also abducted many Yazidi women as sex slaves and killed some of their male relatives, they said.

I think the PKK and YPG/J's liberation of Sinjar and stopping of the Yazidi genocide will go down as the most heroic act of the current period of war in the Middle East.



You mean it should, but it probably won't.



>everyone I don't like is one person

stop sperging out so hard, bucko. Maybe the chapo thread would be a better fit for you.



But you're the same person.



>When your enemies kill you, you win

I didn't know Salafists ascribed to Justin Trudeau's military strategy.



I am not the guy you were replying to, dipshit



File: 54eafd2db477978⋯.png (5.79 KB, 337x169, 337:169, screenshot.png)



What are you even saying?


Yes you are.





>What are you even saying?

Read some god damn books, stop posting, realize what's going on, come back and post.




stop posting, realize what's going on, come back and post.



I have though. You haven't.


stop the pedantic autism pls





Hilarious channel trolling turkroaches


Warms my heart.


RIP heval


>tfw the west doesn't realise that Edrogan is literally a fascist



Oh, they understand it. They just don't care.


File: 49936f03fcc6296⋯.png (560.15 KB, 1024x521, 1024:521, infographic_converted.png)

anyone know what the entry requirements for groups wanting to join SDF are? Would be interesting to see the inner workings. I remember Jaysh al Thuwar asked the Free Idlib Army to join and it got me wondering. Also after the fall of Aleppo lots of rebels started asking to join SDF too.



>anyone know what the entry requirements for groups wanting to join SDF are?

I don't think there's anybody here with that knowledge.

I'd imagine that they'd have to accept democratic federalism + other tenants?



Force a confrontation to try to get the USA declare the YPG as terrorists, probably.


File: e1e4263215f099b⋯.png (53.2 KB, 256x256, 1:1, thinking-face.png)

>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW who shill 24/7 for Pisspig/Chapo/Rojava

>they do it for free

>they will never actually contribute anything to the Left

>they jerk themselves off to pictures of Kurdish women


File: 01750b5cae6b984⋯.jpg (231.69 KB, 632x483, 632:483, sunrise laughs.jpg)


>they will never actually contribute anything to the Left

>said the leftcom



>a fucking leftcom


File: 063b188c9deeeec⋯.jpg (61.24 KB, 1024x575, 1024:575, C4zTU-0XUAIvi8u.jpg large.jpg)


>pls trust me over the r-revolutionaries t-this time!

No thank you

I am good



>YPG: just freed Kobane

>Leftycom: does it for free, will never actually contribute anything to the Left, they jerk themselves off to pictures of to child porn



Can any of you leftcoms actually, like, give an overview of your theory, and defend it to us? I've never seen an argument or explanation from any of you on here.

Is it literally a meme flag?


>u have to join rojava and pose with a gun in a desert to ever get laid




brb buying ticket to erbil




nobody has sex or masturbation is forbidden, against the law, 100% strong


File: 1208637fa01742a⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 601:508, leftcoms irl.jpg)


>be left communism

>be relevant in four (4) countries ever, all in Western Europe, all before 1970

>Lenin's problem was either that his party was too democratic or that parties suck

>nationalism is bad (except for when we supported nationalist movements, lol)

>our current claim to fame is triggering the idiot trot/tankie clique who mod /r/socialism and the rest of the worst leftwing subreddits



>nobody has sex or masturbation is forbidden, against the law, 100% strong

are you serious?

its a literal INCEL commune?



900% serious



Fighters are forbidden from sexual activity, civilians aren't.


File: 004ed8aa4b48278⋯.jpg (55.34 KB, 606x592, 303:296, turks.jpg)


That channel is on some next level satire.


File: 84e7320e8ac596b⋯.jpg (297.79 KB, 1911x700, 273:100, emprah.jpg)


>too statist to be anarchist

>too libertarian to be a Leninist

>too progressive to be a Tankie

>too technocratic to like democracy

>too bloodthirsty to be a reformist

>too cynical to be a revolutionary

>too nationalist to be for open borders

>too cosmopolitan to be for closed borders

It's an abstract kind of meme.



Where did you get that political spectrum mate



Remember to mouse over the budget pie chart. Dark blue is the deficit. If you deficit spend, I will know.


File: 54e1cbcbc6d6cac⋯.png (114.44 KB, 1355x646, 1355:646, qIUnkhf.png)


simulating ancapistan was fun



Oh, I come from a land in a faraway place

Where nobody's allowed to fap

It's a serious offense, and you'll pay recompense

Oppressive, yes? But hey, war's crap

When your seed and your might

Must be saved for the fight

So we can send Daesh back to Hell

Enlist now, join the club

Take this gun, hide that chub

Just another Kurdistani night








See this thread: >>1393850. I'm one of the leftcoms defending the principle of critiquing the so called Rojava revolution, and I also explain some things about the left of communism (better dubbed ultra left today) ITT.



just popping in this thread to say that i appreciate your efforts posts



No Volcel

It's what makes them such powerful warriors they waste none of their essence



volcels are often deluded people whom are actually incels



But when you practice no fap and commit to being Volcel then since you're not expelling your liquids you have a higher center of gravity and can fire more accurately




This. It's all about keeping your precious bodily fluids pure

We should institute mandatory nofap worldwide


File: 7d247b9053dbe7d⋯.jpg (30.52 KB, 538x572, 269:286, 15823421_10211715460982420….jpg)



Very few people are incel, almost all incels are just volcels with emotional problems.



by definition, you are only a volcel if within the past 6 months you have had a willing vagina in front of you and went "nah, im not doing this right now tbh"



I've had multiple willing women partners in front of me literally asking me what I'm doing later that night and refused because I want leftist cutie semi-trad gf not fuckdate. I'm not virgin and don't need sex to feel like a man anymore. Ergo I am volcel. Most of my friends who are "incel" have gotten lots of puss in the past but are again emotionally damaged/deactivated and would rather get high and play vidya than go to the bar.

Incel is someone who is literally so autistic they can't function and/or is so repulsive no fat ugly woman would fuck them. This is less than 1% of sexually inactive men. Most of whom could easily get fat gf's if they had trash standards.

The left's tendency to shame men for their sexual activity levels is a hangover from HS dominance hierarchies and the gynocratic femmenazi reverse sexism we have all been inculcated in. Please refrain from bullying NEET's and "incel's" they are our friends and are usually highly sensitive and creative people waiting for an opportunity to self express. They are our frands



>refused because I want leftist cutie semi-trad gf not fuckdate

you are supposed to fug your worldview into women, mate

if they are interested in "out of the ordinary" politics its probably because they had a previous bf who got them interested in it, not being woman hater btw thats just how it usually is.. at least in my eyes

>Please refrain from bullying NEET's and "incel's"

>highly sensitive

its funny to lightly make fun of incels because many people on political forums are gf-less and use abstract political theory to hide from the dating world

maybe im just projecting though, i hope not


File: 2ebc5474d7e4236⋯.png (27.94 KB, 254x248, 127:124, 2ebc5474d7e4236eabebc10c82….png)


go away red kahina



why are you NOT jerking off to pictures of Kurdish women



>you are supposed to fug your worldview into women, mate

i know…it pains me to agree with you. I just feel awkward about installing ideology in other people's heads who I am close with emotionally. I want them to get it, because they get it, not because they want to please me

>incels are fun to make fun of

yes. but we would do well to refrain from using loaded feminist virgin shaming language. Some people take that shit to heart and a lot of anons on here sincerely want to be social/get a gf


How much longer do you guys think the war will go on for? I thought for a while that it might end quite quickly if Trump got in and let the Russians have their way, but that now seems naive.


>in a year and a half

Is the wait because you want to prepare yourself or just because you have commitments?



These are tough questions. It seems a bit harsh to have to admit to a potentially disqualifying character trait without getting the chance to explain a little about it.


>waiting list

There's a waiting list?


I'm willing to bet that you'd be a lot better at those things if you were put into a situation where they were necessary.



Both. One of the other comrades wants to get military training before going so there's that as well.


File: d07bf646c962fec⋯.gif (1.42 KB, 300x270, 10:9, sym7[1].gif)


>you are only a volcel if within the past 6 months you have had a willing vagina in front of you

Beat the anfems with the gay wedge lol



>There's a waiting list?

I had heard there was one



I wish I could go, but I'm a sickly motherfucker. Give 'em hell for me, comrade.



>How much longer will the war go on for

You've got time. I would say at least a year. Urban warfare is slow, you need to go room by room. It will take months for the SDF to reach Deer Ez, and then even longer to capture the city. same goes for Raqqa. They're practically at the gates now, but they still need to secure the front, cut off the Euphrates, and make preperations. You have enough time to get your life in order, relocate, get trained, and still see action.


File: 8ef59b42563c3b8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 870.34 KB, 928x2666, 464:1333, GrilledKambing-489111-Pesh….jpg)


10/10, someone needs to sing this

full version of >>1388528 btw


File: 1a8b387a0d3106a⋯.jpg (105.55 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, IMG_0466.JPG)

>Fascists aren't safe anywhere - including the internet.

>Announcing BOG Keyboard Warrior Brigade - Rojava!



Apoism has an incredibly heavy and unique feminist focus. Women are equal to men in every single regard. However, kurdish culture has some conservative elements. So Apo basically had to enforce a no-fuck rule. With this rule families would allow/be cool with their daughters joining. It allows the fighters to focus on nothing but war. It also negates potential drama between fighters, not to mention all the amazing ypj fighters wouldn't become preg.

I think mastubation is cool tho. Like, no one is going point an AK at you if you want to rub one out.


It's incredible.




Dope. I am graduating HS in some months. After that I'll either be conscripted or voluntarily join my nations army for basic training (if I don't get rejected). Should I email ypg-international before or after I've gotten out of basic? I really don't want to go in 2018 when I am 19, because I feel it would be kinda late.

>tfw youngblood



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